‘Blue Bloods’: Jimmy Buffett Will Guest Star as a Con Artist Pretending to Be…Jimmy Buffett

by Shelby Scott
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As many network television shows are right now, “Blue Bloods” has gone off the air for its brief winter hiatus. The last new episode debuted on Friday, December 10th with “Firewall.” Overall, it saw several intertwining storylines, with Baez suffering a bullet wound in the midst. Now, anxious “Blue Bloods” fans await the return of the hit show to CBS after the holidays. But, we’ve learned one upcoming guest star will make the wait well worth it.

During “Blue Bloods'” January 15th episode, Outsiders can look forward to the guest appearance of country music icon, Jimmy Buffett.

As cartermatt.com states, it was announced a while ago the iconic “Margaritaville” singer would appear in an upcoming “Blue Bloods” episode. However, what will make his cameo interesting is that not only does he star as con artist Dickey Delaney. The “Blue Bloods” character is actually a known perpetrator of imitating…Jimmy Buffett?

You read that right. As per the outlet, “Blue Bloods” mainstay character Danny pursues the con-artist after the Jimmy Buffett “impersonator” tricks the officer into paying for his meal at a swanky restaurant. So, we will see Buffett slip into the role of one of the hit show’s latest perps. However, it’ll be both interesting and confusing to watch him slip into a role impersonating himself.

As always, the remainder of the episode’s storylines follow a few other interesting challenges. Frank investigates NYPD Captain Terrell, known to be using her badge to get free products from local stores. Meanwhile, Jamie plans to reinstate a decades-old saluting rule in the precinct. And finally, as per the synopsis, Erin faces trouble when a “salacious, anonymous blog post” goes public. As fans know, the fact puts the character in political jeopardy.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fan-Favorite Actor Promotes Self-Love

While Outsiders will surely love seeing Jimmy Buffett appear on “Blue Bloods,” next month, Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg is encouraging an entirely different form of love.

While the holidays often bring increased amounts of family time, celebration, and positivity, a lot of others endure deepened seasonal depression and overall anxiety surrounding the holidays. That said, in the “Blue Bloods” star’s latest Tweet, Wahlberg wrote, “Love you BH Fam!” followed by, “More important, I hope you love you.”

As one of “Blue Bloods” most popular characters/actors, Wahlberg surely has a massive fan base, considering his multiple career paths. In writing the post, he encouraged his followers to take time to do something enjoyable and relaxing, whether it’s taking a nap or pursuing a hobby.

His outspokenness on mental health and stability is part of what makes he as an actor and music artist so lovable. He often takes time to be transparent with followers on social media, and his latest post just proves his authenticity in character.

Tune back in to “Blue Bloods” on January 7th to catch Danny in all his latest Jimmy Buffett pursuits.