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‘Blue Bloods’ Latest Family Dinner Scene Gives Fans ‘Something to Think About’

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by CBS. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When we get to see a family dinner between the Reagans on Blue Bloods there are many revelations. The latest came from ADA Erin.

With Thanksgiving coming up, family dinners are the reason for the season so to speak. That is no different on Blue Bloods. As we open up on the scene from the last episode, it seems like a regular meal. Henry is claiming that the football team (likely the NY Giants) has a chance to make the playoffs. The rest of the family does not agree.

However, this isn’t really about football, despite that being synonymous with Thanksgiving. No, this has to do with Erin’s choice not to pursue the District Attorney position. Check it out below.

Now, if Pops is talking about the NY Giants making the playoffs, that isn’t likely. Honestly, the only New York-based team making the postseason are the Bills. Again, this isn’t about the NFL playoff race, is it? During the conversation, Erin interrupts to announce that she is not running for DA. There are some looks from the rest of the family and some confusion among the two oldest men.

Eventually, Frank starts to understand. He at least gets that his daughter is in a tough position that could change her life. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan is always going to drop some knowledge when needed.

“Sometimes an emphatic no is the last step you have to take before jumping in with two feet,” Frank says as the rest of the family goes silent. Erin smiles as he finishes up, “something to think about.” Then the conversation dives back into playoffs talk with Pops and Frank believing in their team to the very end. Blue Bloods always delivers.

‘Blue Bloods’ Delivers In New Episode

Each week it seems that the folks at Blue Bloods are able to impress fans even further. That continued this week. We have the family dinner scene. It gives a sense that it is a real conversation and a real-life scenario. Family arguing about sports, career decisions, siblings egging each other on, and fatherly advice. There were other bright spots from the episode as well.

Danny and Maria have been trying to solve a case. They kept their search for clues going the last episode and unfortunately it seems like a dead-end. A liquor store assault has them puzzled and looking for answers. The detectives made their way around to locals who might know what went down, but no one wants to talk.

In the end, it turned out that the son of the store owner is the one who committed the assault, and took the money. Sonny had gambling debts to pay off and the incident turned violent. After interrogation, he and the father admitted what had happened.