‘Blue Bloods’: Lyle Lovett Returns to Guest Star in New Set Photos

by Courtney Blackann

Everyone’s favorite Texas Ranger is back. Lyle Lovett is reprising his role on “Blue Bloods” as Waylon Gates. The actor was spotted alongside Donnie Wahlberg in a series of photos in New York City.

Donning his infamous cowboy hat, Lovett was seen posing with some fans while filming. The singer appeared on an episode of the show last year and it appears he will be back to take on another case in the Big Apple.

Though we’re not sure of the storyline this time around, Lovett originally teamed up with the NYPD to hunt down a killer from Texas in an episode titled ‘Fog of War,’ which aired last February.

The songwriter notably has four Grammy awards and has created 13 albums, in addition to his acting and producing credentials. Since the mid-1980s, Lovett has been known for his country music songwriting as well as his vocals.

He’s also been known to dabble in the folk, blues, and jazz genres. Most recently, Lovett has taken on various acting roles in television including his appearance on “Blue Bloods.”

Though the singer is no newcomer to the show business industry, he remains grounded and humbled by his established career. Lovett was also in a number of films throughout his lifetime.

Raised in Houston, his role as a Texas Ranger on “Blue Bloods” suits him well. The 64-year-old also raises horses in his spare time.

‘Blue Bloods’ and its Longevity

“Blue Bloods” is now in its 12th season. The show gained popularity when it aired in 2010 with its top-billed cast. This includes Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes.

It follows the Reagan family – a generational law enforcement family in New York City. Though it’s a classic police drama, Will Estes offers some insights as to why the show has continued to endure.

“We definitely have a lot of procedural elements,” he says. “But I think we’re a character-driven drama. Our show is more so about how these characters’ lives affect their work and how their work affects their personal lives and their inter-familial relationships and friendships. So, it kind of lives and breathes in that space as a drama, and that’s part of its longevity.”

He went on to say that Tom Selleck’s leadership is a defining theme on the show.

Tom Selleck as the consummate leader and commissioner and patriarch of the family [helps too],” Estes added. “I think people want to see Tom, and then we are rounded out by a great cast and great writers and a great crew too.”

Throughout its time, “Blue Bloods” has seen a number of twists, turns, and guest stars each season.