‘Blue Bloods’: Lyle Lovett Returns, Here’s Everything That Happened in the Episode

by Madison Miller

“Blue Bloods” and country music joined forces in one of the most iconic ways possible.

The show decided to bring back the country music star Lyle Lovett amidst the drama and crime over on the family-centered “Blue Bloods.” He joined forces with Detective Danny Reagan (played by Donnie Wahlberg).

It’s about a year after Lovett first appeared as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates on the show. Now, the ranger is back in town. He is following a lead regarding an illegal drug shipment that has made its way to New York. As it turns out, Gates’ trip was a lot more complicated than just a drug bust.

The new episode that kicked off the new year was “Old Friends.” Lyle Lovett sure is an old friend to “Blue Bloods,” after all.

What Went Down on ‘Blue Bloods’

The episode started out with Danny speaking with Detective Maria Baez. The two are talking about the fact that the federal authorities want to take over that investigation regarding a shipment of drugs coming into the city.

Enter, Gates.

He is now a Major, which means he’s in charge of the case for the feds. Not to mention, he is also an expert in the cartel. Although Danny tries to take back the investigation, Gates assures them it’s in good hands.

Luckily, Gates lets Danny in on the investigation.

Suddenly, things got a lot darker on “Blue Bloods.” They happened to find some members of the gang that assisted the cartel dead. As it turns out, Danny was doing some investigating of his own.

He found out that Gates’ partner back in Texas was also found murdered. Not only that, but he also had the same mark that the gang members were found with. Turn out, Gates’ visit in town was a lot more personal than viewers may have thought. He wants revenge. Juan Carlos Lopez is a dangerous killer and is now in New York City.

During the episode, he tries to deny that this is the reason he’s around. His explanation for it all is “Two birds, one shot.” Eventually, Danny begins to understand. He admits to Gates that he would do the same thing if it was his partner.

Danny and Gates then interrogate the cartel murderer. They take some pretty not-so-legal methods. They tell him he better start talking about the shipment or they’ll force him to take the Fentanyl-laced heroin.

The information ends up being sound. The team takes off and seizes the drugs during a raid. The raid ends up being at a less-than-conventional spot — a preschool.

That’s the main plot with our friend Lyle Lovett. Some drama occurs between Jamie and Gormley regarding a former mentor. Also, Frank has some issues with Mayor Chase.