‘Blue Bloods’: Major Spoilers for This Friday’s Season 12 Episode 3

by John Jamison

Strap in, “Blue Bloods” fans. We know you saw the “NCIS” news. Mark Harmon finally left the hit series after 18 years. Does the same fate await Tom Selleck and his Commissioner Frank Reagan character? It seems increasingly likely the more we learn about this week’s upcoming episode.

Much like Harmon, Tom Selleck has been leading “Blue Bloods” since the show began. He’s now 11 years into the role, and the retirement rumors have been flying. This week, we may find out if there has been any truth to them. The main thrust of Season 12 Episode 3, titled “Protective Instincts,” will reportedly revolve around Frank Reagan choosing whether or not to resign.

According to IMDb, however, Tom Selleck’s character has options. His old friend Lenny Ross will offer him a promising new job during the episode. While Frank Reagan stepping down from his role as NYPD Commissioner would be monumental in terms of “Blue Bloods” implications, it doesn’t necessarily mean Selleck will be done with the show.

The first two episodes of the season have seen Selleck’s character go toe-to-toe with New York City Mayor Chase. The two are at an impasse regarding how best to address a rising crime rate. This conflict will likely act as the catalyst for Frank Reagan considering Lenny’s job offer.

Checking in on the rest of the Reagan family, “Blue Bloods” Season 12 Episode 3 will reportedly find Sean, Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) son, getting into trouble with Jamie and Eddie. Wahlberg’s character is preoccupied with a murder case involving the killing of a delivery person.

Frank Reagan’s Dilemma on ‘Blue Bloods’ Could See Tom Selleck Step Away, But Donnie Wahlberg Doesn’t See Himself Going Anywhere

Hopefully, whatever decision Frank Reagan makes in the upcoming “Blue Bloods” episode doesn’t result in Tom Selleck leaving the show. The “Magnum P. I.” star seems to love being part of the series, and he was even given a producer credit ahead of Season 12. By most accounts, signs point toward Selleck sticking around for a while, whether or not Frank Reagan remains Commissioner.

One person we know doesn’t plan to leave “Blue Bloods” any time soon goes by the name Donnie Wahlberg. The Danny Reagan actor doesn’t understand why actors feel the need to step away from TV roles solely because they’ve been doing it for a long time.

“I never could understand when an actor would say they got burnt out on a TV show. We fight so hard to get these jobs. I worked for years just to get an acting gig, and I’m hearing of actors quitting shows because they’re bored. And I think, ‘What the hell are you talking about?'” Wahlberg told CBS Watch! in 2019.

As long as “Blue Bloods” keeps getting renewed, expect to see Donnie Wahlberg’s face.