‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez is Enjoying Her Halloween with Her ‘Little Witch’

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods star Marisa Ramirez may not have spent Halloween with an Ewok as she’d initially hoped, but her day was still pretty spook-tacular as she helped the cutest little witch enjoy some trick-or-treating Sunday night.

In a Halloween night Instagram post, the Blue Bloods star wished her followers a Happy Halloween while posing next to her favorite “little witch.”

“Happy Halloween!!!” exclaims Ramirez in the holiday Insta post.

The actress then goes on to say that she had planned a different costume for her daughter. However, the costume wearer gets to make the final choice, which this year, happened to be an adorable little witch.

“I was really looking forward to making an Ewok costume for her this year but this is what she picked!” the Blue Bloods star says in her post. “My little witch! #toomuchsugar#trickortreat”

In the Sunday evening Halloween post, Marisa Ramirez is beaming as she stands next to her daughter, Violet. In the photo, Violet stands next to her mother, matching her smile, proudly wearing the perfectly witchy costume she had selected.

Marisa Ramirez Joins Her ‘Little Witch’ For Some Halloween Fun

With a black and silver dress, paired with her matching black witches hat Violet looks absolutely ready to go on the hunt for some sweet trick-or-treat goodies.

The spooky witch even has her adorable trick-or-treat bag featuring an orange smiling jack-o-lantern decorated with a purple bow in hand, ready to collect as much candy as she can!

This year, it seems that the Blue Bloods star has joined her little witch in the costume action.

In the photo, Ramirez is dressed in a black and silver skirt with a fierce leather jacket to match. And, the actress must be a part of Violet’s little coven, as she dons her own witches hat, a festive purple silver, and black decorated number.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Takes Us Back To A Halloween Gone By

Clearly, Halloween is a big deal to the actress, as she recently shared a “flashback Friday” post highlighting one of her own childhood costumes on her Instagram page last week.

“#flashbackfriday,” the star says in the pre-Halloween post.

“A foil star princess?” the actress notes in the post.

“I have no idea but I remember helping with the foil!” Ramirez jokes, adding that costume building was very different from what it is like today.

“What we did before Amazon,” the star jokes.

Marisa Ramirez has been portraying Detective Maria Baez since the start of Blue Bloods’ third season. Ramirez is the partner to Donnie Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods detective character, Danny Reagan.

Blue Bloods airs each Friday on CBS each at 10 p.m. Eastern time, 9 p.m. Central.