‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Pours Out Heart on One-Year Anniversary of Dad’s Death

by Suzanne Halliburton

Blue Bloods star Marisa Ramirez had her heart ripped out in 2020, losing both her grandmother, then father in a matter of weeks.

A year has passed. Her heart is healing. But she still wanted to honor her father on the anniversary of his death. She posted a photo of herself with her father from happier times, then captioned it with an emotional tribute. Although it’s been a year, the emotions of watching a parent die, without warning, can come back and stab your heart.

“Yesterday marked one whole year,” the Blue Bloods star said. “The pain, grief and anger (are) still as strong for me as a year ago. Thank you to all who have supported me and my family during this time. It has been a tremendous help learning how you all manage your grief. I am trying to find comfort and peace in the fact that he is no longer suffering or trying to fight what seemed like a never-ending battle.”

Then she brought up other emotions: “I am still angry in all that he didn’t deserve, which included a horrible oncologist, a primary doctor that wouldn’t return his call and so much more. One thing that I am at peace and especially grateful for was the staff @hellohumankindness Las Vegas. My dad’s former colleagues and employees were kind and supportive and made him feel like he wasn’t fighting alone.

“I appreciate every one of you that came to his room to check on him every time he was admitted. We miss him everyday but we smile and laugh at the memories!”

Then she gave some advice on how to treat your father if you’re lucky enough to still have him in your life. She used the hashtag #hugyourdad.

Blue Bloods Star Honored Grandmother, Father on Dia De Los Muertos Earlier This Week

Earlier this week, the Blue Bloods star also observed Dia De Los Muertos, which translates to “Day of the Dead.” It’s a Mexican tradition that incorporates Halloween and the day after. The holiday is supposed to unite the spirits of the dead with their living loved ones. People cook tasty food and set up an altar for the dearly departed. The dead smells the food and hear the prayers of those still living. Tradition has the souls showing up for a visit.

Ramirez posted a photo of herself with her daughter, Violet. The two of them painted their faces like brightly colored sugar skulls and put flowers in their hair. You can check it out here.

Meanwhile, on Blue Bloods, the show enjoyed a bump in viewership Friday night. The episode called Good Intentions drew an audience of 6.068 million. It was the second-biggest audience of the season.