‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Once Starred in a Backstreet Boys Music Video

by Amy Myers

Blue Bloods fans are well familiar with actor Donnie Wahlberg’s boy band origins, but few know that another star shared some pop music roots. And as it turns out, it’s Wahlberg’s partner on the show, Marisa Ramirez.

Before Wahlberg became Danny Reagan on the iconic series, he was the heartthrob of the Boston boy band, New Kids on the Block. Even today, Wahlberg and his fellow vocalists still reunite for special tours for #Blockheads across the country, and he’s never afraid to bust a move offset. Needless to say, Wahlberg must have been pleasantly surprised to learn that Ramirez, herself, appeared in a Backstreet Boys music video back in 1998.

In the Backstreet Boys’ music video for “As Long As You Love Me,” the future Blue Bloods star was one of the six women in corporate-chic attire that take charge of shooting the video.

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Thanks to a few dedicated Blue Bloods fans, Ramirez’s feature became known when they posted it on Reddit. Of course, fans loved the unexpected cameo.

“Recognize this familiar person in this music video,” the author of the post wrote. “I’ll give you all a hint the woman in this video is Danny’s partner in the show.”

“I remember when that came out.. damn I’m old lol Loved seeing her! Nice to know she has a history with Boy Bands!” a fellow Blue Bloods fan wrote.

‘Blue Bloods’ Boy Band Stars Have Adorable and Comical Friendship

On the show, Ramirez and Wahlberg play the detective duo that stays true to their morals and standards, and they hardly have trouble bringing in the criminal. Ramirez’s character, Maria Baez, also provides an extremely important balancing element for Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan, who derives much of his influence from his law enforcement family members. Baez keeps Reagan grounded in the truth and gives him an outside perspective of the situation. Likewise, Reagan extends his family-first mindset to his partner.

Between takes, Ramirez and Wahlberg interact just as naturally as they do on the show. Whether pulling pranks on each other or dancing in their car, the two have a hilarious and genuine friendship. Because of their close-knit bond in real life, their characters’ relationship on Blue Bloods seems that much more authentic.

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In the past, both Blue Bloods stars explained just how much they enjoy working together in an interview with The Talk.

“We do laugh a lot, and there are times when we push it a little too far with our laughter outbreaks, but it makes the day so much fun,” Wahlberg said.

Ramirez echoed this sentiment, noting, “I don’t want to be here if I don’t have scenes with him.”