‘Blue Bloods’ May Have Just Recast Eddie Janko’s Father

by Amy Myers

In the next episode of Blue Bloods, we should see a familiar face when Eddie Janko’s father came to stay with her and Jamie Reagan. Instead, we’ll find a new actor portraying Janko’s criminal father, who just recently finished his sentence in prison. While we don’t know the reason behind the change, it may be a sign of some other minor-role recasts in the future.

Originally, William Sadler played the part of ex-con Armin Janko. Sadler first briefly appeared in Blue Bloods in Season 6 Episode 2, “Absolute Power.” During the episode, his daughter and Reagan were investigating who beat him in prison. The moment allowed for Janko to finally confront her father, finally showing fans the source of her parental trauma. Though it was only short scene in his initial appearance, this dialog opened the door to Armin’s reappearance in Blue Bloods Season 9 and 12.

Three years after our introduction to Armin, we see him once again in the episode called “Identity” when Armin reaches out to Reagan for help. After hearing news of Reagan’s engagement to his daughter, Armin asks the officer to grant him furlough. His hope is to walk Janko down the aisle. Sadly, though, Janko discovers in time that the request was just a cover for another scam, and she pulls out of the arrangement.

This was the last we saw of Sadler as the role of Armin Janko, and now, Michael Cullen has taken his place in tonight’s Blue Bloods episode. We don’t know too much about how the storyline will play out between the now married couple and Janko’s father. But we do know that there will be a lot of tension. According to the episode synopsis, Armin is moving in with Janko and Reagan after being released from prison.

‘Blue Bloods’: How Janko’s Father May Put a Strain on Her Marriage with Jamie Reagan

While Reagan and Janko have a strong marriage, an ex-con in-law can put a strain on any relationship, no matter how trusting. The show’s synopsis seems to suggest that Janko approved her father’s new living situation without consulting Reagan. Not only could this lead to a fight with her spouse, but it also signifies that Janko once again trusts her father. And if their past relationship is any indication, this will lead to some bad decisions and one broken heart. Although, in Janko’s last encounter with her father, she did seem wiser to his ploys.

The newest Blue Bloods episode, “Good Intentions,” will premiere Friday at 10 p.m. ET. Hopefully, we’ll see one of two positive outcomes for Janko and Reagan. Either they put Armin back in jail, or the father turns over a new leaf in life. Knowing Armin Janko, we’re leaning more towards the first possibility.