‘Blue Bloods’ Once Featured an Iconic Singer as a Guest Star

by Megan Molseed

The popular CBS police procedural series Blue Bloods has brought us a variety of fun guest stars during its eleven years on television.

In fact, the long-running series has brought in so many familiar famous faces that it’s easy to forget some of the earlier appearances. Among the many guest stars featured on the show is one of music’s most iconic figures, Tony Bennett.

This Blue Bloods appearance was extra iconic as Bennett brought with him another music superstar, Carrie Underwood.

Tense Moments Are Balanced With An Amazing Performance From the Two Superstars

The appearance comes in the Blue Bloods season two premiere episode as Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan attends a formal dinner and concert event which serves as a fundraiser for New York’s newly elected Mayor.

Attending the event with the New York City police commissioner is his daughter, Bridget Moynahan’s Erin Reagan.

During this fundraiser event, Tony Bennett takes the stage with Underwood. It is a fun episode with a legendary performance fitting of the two music stars.

In this early Blue Bloods episode titled Mercy, Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood’s brief musical performance occurs among the show’s major storylines.

Just before the two music legends take the stage in this season two episode, the Blue Blood police commissioner is seen talking to David Ransey’s New York City mayor Carter Poole. During the exchange, Frank Reagan introduces the mayor to his daughter.

The moment begins to get tense, however. Emotions are high as the mayor pulls Frank aside and begins to question him about the movement his office is making on a specific case.

The mayor, it seems, has ideas regarding how Frank should be handling this. But the Blue Bloods Police Commissioner isn’t sure the mayor’s plan is the best in the given situation.

This episode also becomes a pivotal moment in Frank’s career as he had recently submitted his letter of resignation. But, Mayor Poole asks Frank to stay on in the Commissioner’s office. Frank agrees to hang on. As long as he can continue in the position with the freedom to make his own calls when necessary.

Some Memorable ‘Blue Bloods’ Guest Stars Over the Years

From there, the group heads into another room to listen to the Tony Bennett and Underwood performance.

Over the years, Blue Bloods has welcomed some famous faces into the cast, if even for a brief moment.

Among these stars are Whoopi Goldberg who portrays a politician Regina Thomas; Method Man who gave a spot-on performance as a notorious criminal named Mario Hunt; and even Lyle Lovett. Lovett has made his role a regular guest-starring gig as he portrays a Texas Ranger who joins Frank’s son, New York City detective, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) in the hunt for a killer.