‘Blue Bloods’ Once Featured a ‘Law & Order’ and ‘CSI: Miami’ Star in Small Role

by Megan Molseed

Over the years, longtime actor Robert John Burke has become a familiar face to fans. His name may not immediately jump out to television viewers. However, there’s certainly a chance many fans of some of the most popular primetime dramas know exactly who he is. With a career in Hollywood that has spanned nearly forty years, Robert John Burke has made numerous appearances in popular films and television roles such as RoboCop to Law & Order, and even CBS’s Blue Bloods.

And, fans who recognize this actor know that he seems to have nailed one type of character. Burke has filled these roles so beautifully, it seems, that he continues to be featured in similar roles.

Over his four decades in Hollywood, Robert John Burke has often portrayed interesting characters with some sort of connection to law enforcement. Characters who carry with them a major amount of authority.

In fact, Burke has also taken on a role in the popular CBS series Blue Bloods, portraying an NYPD police chief in the hit series’s pilot season.

In the series, Robert John Burke portrays New York City police chief Jyle Hogan. Viewers of the popular series would likely recognize him as a board-meeting attendee. Burke’s character often shared screentime with Blue Bloods patriarch Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan.

Burke’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Stays True To His Acting History

During his run on Blue Bloods, Robert Burke was featured in a three-episode long arc. A short stint, sure, but definitely one that could make Burke a Blue Bloods “alum.”

From his roles on screen as a curious detective, tireless FBI agents, or even military officers, Robert Burke seems to have portrayed a character in all facets of the genre.

While doing so, the longtime actor has guest-starred in some of our favorite shows from CSI: Miami, Law & Order, and The Sopranos.

During his time on Law & Order: SVU, Robert John Burke portrayed Ed Tucker an Internal Affairs Bureau captain with the New York Police Department. He and Law & Order: SVU’s Olivia Benson were in a romantic relationship for much of his time in the series.

The SVU guest star returned to the series last season with a heartbreaking story arc. Burke’s Tucker committed suicide after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The longtime actor may be well-known for his roles as one type of authoritative figure or another on television dramas. However, Burke has broken out of these roles from time to time throughout his career.

The former Blue Bloods guest-star portrayed a real estate mogul in the popular series, Gossip Girl. He also portrayed a priest in the popular FX firefighter series Rescue Me.