‘Blue Bloods’: One Guest Star Ended Up Starring in a Hit Netflix Series

by Chase Thomas

The CBS crime drama “Blue Bloods” is one of the biggest programs over the last decade. Because the show has thrived for so long on the network, that meant that a lot of folks had to guest star on the program over the years. Well, that has been the case for one in particular who became a star on another hit show on Netflix. Sadie Sink, from “Stranger Things”, actually appeared in “Blue Bloods” years ago as a guest-starring appearance.

Her appearance came in Season 4, Episode 16 of the series where she played the role of Daisy Carpenter. The episode features of a lot of her trying to figure out what career path to follow, as she wants to be a park ranger.

Tom Selleck on ‘Blue Bloods’

Tom Selleck has been a mainstay on “Blue Bloods” since the beginning. Because he has been on the program for so long, though, it’s fair to wonder after a decade if he would ever leave. Would Frank Reagan ever depart from the CBS drama? It would certainly completely change the drama and everything it is with its focus on family.

He told Parade, “I’d never say there’s a point where I wouldn’t say enough. Mainly because that puts me in a very bad negotiation position with CBS. Do I love the show? Yes. Do I want to continue on the show? Yes. And while I think they’d be crazy to cancel the show that’s the No. 3 scripted show in all of broadcast television, you never know in this world. I’m always looking out there for what’s next. I can tell you this: I plan on staying an actor as long as I’m wanted.”

He’s happy doing it and it’s successful. He has no interest in moving on anytime soon.

He continues, “I want to stay with Blue Bloods. There’s a lot of careers involved, so everybody seems to want to stay with Blue Bloods and I’m just thrilled, put it that way. Everybody’s coming back.” That’s pretty clear. He loves the show and loves who he works with.

Selleck concluded, “The landscape’s changing in broadcast television. I think the heart and soul of Blue Bloods remains the same and the audience seems really hooked on that and I love that. I love the challenges of a really difficult role. These things I’ve been talking to you about are kind of abstract. To make them come to life is not easy. I think we’re doing that and, quite honestly, I think I’m doing that. If I can’t do that anymore, that would be another story.”

You can watch “Blue Bloods” on CBS.