‘Blue Bloods’ Shares Photo of Will Hochman Returning To the Show As Frank’s Grandson Joe Hill

by Amy Myers

Did you miss him? Will Hochman is returning to Blue Bloods as Joe Hill, but from the looks of the photos the show dropped, it seems the star got himself into a bit of trouble. Previously, Hochman appeared as Frank Reagan’s grandson (son of the late Joe Reagan). The estranged grandson has battled with his identity in the past, but since then has seemed to warm up to the idea of being a part of the family. The question is, will he still have the same sentiment in the upcoming episode?

Ahead of the new episode of Blue Bloods on Friday, the show teased a photo of a battered Joe Hill sitting in a hospital bed with a black eye and broken arm.

Upon hearing the news of Hill’s return, fans responded with resounding enthusiasm. Everyone seemed to accept the long-lost Reagan cop. In fact, after his last appearance in Season 11, fans hoped to see even more of the actor among the Blue Bloods cast.

“I can’t wait. You need to bring him back MORE!!” one fan said.

“Finally, I thought after last season he was gonna be more often if not in every episode in the Sunday dinner,” shared another.

“You know this is going to be a GREAT episode with Joe being in it and can’t wait to see it!!!” a third shared, adding a bouquet of blue hearts at the end.

‘Blue Bloods’ Producer Shares Details on Joe Hill’s Future on the Show

While Joe Hill’s return to Blue Bloods is certainly exciting, don’t get your hopes up for a regular storyline. As executive producer Kevin Wade explained to TV Insider, Hochman’s character is meant to be a side character that makes occasional yet significant reappearances. That is to say, we might not see him for a while, but when we do, expect the episode to revolve around him.

“We’d like to be able to weave him in and out of stories,” Wade told the publication. “He obviously has a great chemistry and connection to our cast, and my anecdotal evidence is that the audience really liked what he brought to the show. He has a fresh relationship with the characters that they’ve been with for 11 years.”

Just as Eddie Janko added a new depth to Jamie Reagan, so too does Joe Hill have the same affect on the Reagan family members in law enforcement. On Friday, we’ll likely learn more about the esteemed cop, while also uncovering more about Frank, Danny, Jamie and Erin as they interact with him. Despite the impending drama to come, hopefully, the ever-growing family will once again sit down at the family table for Sunday night dinner.