‘Blue Bloods’ Pics From Upcoming Episode Surface Showing Frank Reagan in Court

by Lauren Boisvert

There are some new “Blue Bloods” photos floating around, and they raise more questions than answers. One of them shows Frank Reagan in court, and we’re wondering what that’s all about.

The most important thing we know about this episode, of course, is that it guest stars Jimmy Buffett as a Jimmy Buffett impersonator. Danny goes after him after he’s tricked into paying for the guy’s dinner. That’s sure to bring some much-needed levity to the show.

Additionally, Frank is investigating an NYPD Captain who’s been using her badge to get free stuff from local stores. It looks like she’s been abusing her position, and Frank may be going to court because of that case.

“Blue Bloods” episode 11, “On the Arm”, doesn’t air until Jan. 14. There’s one new episode before it, “Old Friends,” which airs on Jan. 7. In that episode, Jamie has to help his former mentor with his gambling debts. Additionally, Frank gets pushback from the mayor for the way he handles a brawl. We don’t know yet what the brawl is about, but the good news is we don’t have to wait that much longer for a new episode.

‘Blue Bloods’ Wishes Fans Happy Holidays

The “Blue Bloods” official Instagram page recently posted an adorable group photo from the Reagans around the dinner table, captioning it “Happy Holidays from our #BlueBloods family to yours.”

In a previous episode, it was revealed that one member of the Reagan family is a total Grinch about Christmas. That would be Danny Reagan, and he was called out by his sons in the episode “Authority Figures.”

Danny’s son Sean complained about Christmas music being played so early in the stores. Danny asked him when he’d become such a Grinch, but his other son Jack turned it around on him. “Dad, you spoiled Santa for us way before mom wanted that one to happen,” Jack said, to which Danny replied, “It was time.”

Erin reminisced that Danny had always been like that, even going so far as to hide their Christmas presents when they were kids. He also told Erin and Jamie about Santa before they were ready.

Eddie revealed in the episode that she knew about Santa early as well, but because her father had been arrested for embezzling. “Where do think all that stuff came from, Santa Claus?” he’d told her before going to jail. So, she’d known as a child that there was no Santa Claus. She said she still liked Christmas, she just didn’t have a lot of good memories from the holidays. Hopefully, with her new position in the Reagan family, she can start to make better Christmas memories with Jamie and the rest of the family.