‘Blue Bloods’: Reagan Family Hilariously Talks First Concerts Around the Dinner Table: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

Family dinners on Blue Bloods feature a lot of interesting conversations. When it came to people’s first concerts, it got wild.

Heck, we even pick up a family secret, a funny one, from Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg.

But his response wasn’t the only one that stood out, Outsiders.

Let’s take a little time to view the musical chit-chat between the Reagans on Blue Bloods.

Yep, it turns out Sean Reagan, played by Anthony Terraciano, also managed to sneak out for his first concert.

Now, it all makes sense with the “like father, like son” cutline.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Answer The Call, Write About Their First Concerts

This clip managed to also fire up some fans’ memories about their first concerts. After all, they are just paying heed to the question being asked in the same cutline for Blue Bloods.

Among their responses were “Neil Diamond”, “Beatles shea 1965” (referring to The Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in New York), and “Beatles at red rocks denver Colorado”. That was a concert by the Fab Four at the famed Red Rocks Theater in Denver.

Other Blue Bloods fans write: “Alice Cooper at the Long Island Arena”, “Cool [spl Kool] and the Gang 1985 Blossom Music Center”, and “My first ever concert was in Boston Massachusetts to see New Kids on the Block. I want to say it was around somewhere between 92-94”.

If that band name sounds familiar being mentioned in a Blue Bloods story, then it’s because Wahlberg is a member of the boy band.

OK, so it was a boy band and now it is more like a grown-up boy band. Get it, Outsiders?

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Show’s Fans Are Expressing Their Tiresome Attitudes About One Character

If you know anything about Blue Bloods fans, then they are not shy about expressing their thoughts.

This does include getting tired of one specific character.

Which one is it? Sid Gormley, one of Frank Reagan’s “inner circle” members.

Let us turn to Reddit for more information.

“Getting a bit sick and tired of [Sidney Gormley],” one fan writes. “I used to like Sid, but he’s always gotten on my nerves with his [unabashedly] pro-cop stance. He always supports cops no matter what and whilst that’s not inherently a bad thing, he goes too far with it sometimes.

“Like how he supported a cop assaulting another cop just because said cop had an opinion he didn’t agree with,” the Redditor writes.

Robert Clohessy plays Sid and manages to do a solid job. Don’t expect to see him booted out. Garrett and Abigail are around, too.