‘Blue Bloods’: The Reagans Have Peaceful Family Dinner in Pics from ‘Old Friends’

by Lauren Boisvert

“Blue Bloods” isn’t coming back until Jan. 7, so have some photos of the Reagans looking happy at family dinner to tide you over.

One photo includes Jamie and Eddie gazing at each other, seemingly engaged in conversation. They should always be gazing at each other, they haven’t been married that long, after all. But, they have been having some issues with communication. In a previous episode, they felt that they couldn’t confide in one another, which led to frustrations between them. Hopefully, this photo shows them back on track and out of rough waters with each other.

Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Another photo is of Danny seemingly in the middle of a laugh. In the episode “Firewall,” Baez got shot, so Danny has probably had a lot on his mind with his partner in the hospital. She ended up being fine, but that’s still a lot of stress on her and her partner. It’ll be nice to see Danny laughing.

This “Blue Bloods” episode will center around a shipment of narcotics that finds its way into New York City. It has to be found before the drugs get distributed. Hopefully, we see Danny and Baez back on the case. Then, Jamie meets up with an old friend to help him through his gambling debts. All we know about this is it’s Jamie’s former mentor who we’ve never met before. Next, Frank gets an earful from the mayor over his mishandling of a brawl among protestors. We don’t know what happened there yet, and we have to wait until Jan. 7 to find out.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have a Lot of Opinions on Jamie and Eddie

On a recent Reddit post, “Blue Bloods” fans started a conversation all about Jamie and Eddie; the original post started off by saying, ‘Unpopular opinion I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t like Jamie with Eddie he could’ve done better and we could’ve gotten a better love interest she is just more annoying to me than anything.”

Fans replied in the comments, but there weren’t many that disagreed. “I think all of the characters ebb and flow when it comes to favorable or unfavorable,” another “Blue Bloods” fan replied. “Eddie feels like she was put in to counter Jamie’s lack of emotion and Spock-like attitude. In my opinion, both characters were made less likable when Jamie made Seargent [sic]. Both played well when they were on the streets and more exposed together.”

Some fans claimed that the characters were just too good. One user wrote, “Eddie and Jamie can both be a bit too self-righteous at times. But what annoys me more is their lack of development as a couple… Most of the stories with them lately have been ‘we hide stuff from each other, fight about it, then make amends.’ Though this latest episode they had a normal conversation for once.”

Honestly, whether you like or hate Jamie and Eddie, it seems like they’re here to stay on “Blue Bloods.”