‘Blue Bloods’: The Reagans Talking About ‘Best Costume’ for Halloween Is Pure Comedy

by Megan Molseed

Few topics are off the table during the famous Blue Bloods Reagan family dinner scenes.

Each week, the Blue Bloods family gets together to reconnect over a big meal. Sometimes, fans of the show see the Reagan family as they bond together, laughing and joining around.

Other times, the topics the Reagan family discusses at these regular meals can be intense.

In fact, sometimes the topics can take quite a serious turn as members of the Reagan family discuss topics on which they don’t necessarily see eye to eye.

Recently, however, the Blue Bloods Reagan clan’s dinner topic got a little spooky. Or a little silly. Actually, it was a little bit of both…

Thankfully, the Blue Bloods Twitter account was kind enough to share a video of the moment the Reagan family talks about some of the best Halloween costumes they have seen. As well as the superbly perfect spiciness of Henry Reagan’s savory chili that was served during that particular Reagan family dinner.

“What’s the best costume you’ve seen? #BlueBloods” asked the Blue Bloods Twitter page Saturday morning.

 The hilarious exchange starts off with Sean Reagan, Danny Reagan’s son remembering the costume that impressed him the most over the years.

Sean Reagan’s Favorite Costume

“My best one,” Sean, who is played by Andrew Terraciano, started. “When my poli-sci teacher come in dressed as Hillary Clinton.”

“What, in a pants suit and pearls?” asks Sean’s aunt Erin (Bridget Moynahan).

“And a big blond wig and lipstick!” the young Reagan explains.

“She do that big laugh?” asked Sean’s grandfather, Blue Bloods New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck).

“It’s a he,” Sean responds as the eldest Reagan, Frank’s father, Henry (Len Cariou) begins to crack up.

“Yes he did,” Sean says. “And it was terrifying!”

‘Blue Bloods’ Has A ‘Spicy’ Exchange During Dinner

Then, Eddie Janko, the wife of Blue Bloods’ Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), speaks up declaring that the best costume she has seen so far is “molten lava going as this chili.”

“What is is in this?” she asks almost breathlessly as she eats the chili, which is clearly high on the spiciness meter.

Henry Reagan, the preparer of the chili at hand, seems to be a little confused by the reaction.

“Beans, pork, kidney beans,” he says thoughtfully, before breaking out into a big smile. “And spices!”

“What spices?” asks Eddie, clearly struggling with the spiciness of Henry’s chili.

“Gun powder!” exclaims Blue Bloods police detective, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg).

“It’s good gramps, really good,” Danny Reagan adds.

“It’s just…it’s challenging,” he adds in a sort of breathless manner.

“Challenging,” laughs Frank as he takes a big drink of water. “I like that.”