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‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: Here’s Everything That Went Down on Season 12, Episode 7

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As last night’s Blue Bloods episode began, grocer Bao Pham opened his store to find it had been burglarized. Unaware that the perpetrator was still inside the building, Bao started to clean up the mess. And as he did, the burglar smashed a bottle over Bao’s head and ran from the store.

Come to find out, the burglar had stolen $20,000 from Bao Pham. And thanks to a heavy gang presence in the neighborhood, the community refused to help Danny and Baez solve the crime.

Meanwhile, Erin was still considering running against Crawford for the DA seat, but she was keeping that information close to her chest. Only the Reagans knew her plans. And until the decision was final, she planned on keeping it that way. But after Crawford asked Erin to look into a misdemeanor drug charge, Erin’s paranoia got the best of her.

Danny and Baez Have a Run-in with a Local Gang

Back on the beat, Danny and Baez were still trying to track down Bao’s attacker, and they were getting absolutely nowhere. Only one person, a kid, would speak to the officers. And the only information he offered was that the Born in the USA gang had control of the area, and the locals were too scared to work with the authorities.

That bit of information led the officers to gang leader Sonny Le. But when Danny and Baez showed up at a basketball court to arrest their suspect, an overly confident and smug Le nonchalantly told the officers that the gang had nothing to do with the robbery. According to him, Boa was “off-limits” because Boa made the best food in the neighborhood.

However, the gang wasn’t too happy with police officers trolling their neighborhood. And the almost arrest caused some backlash. As Danny and Baez were eating lunch, the gang drove up and dropped off a guy who was bound with duct tape and wearing a sign reading, “what happens in Vegas.”

The man turned out to be a local slum lord who made a habit out of intimidating his tenants. But he had nothing to do with the robbery. And of course, Danny and Baez were at another dead end.

But shortly after, Danny followed a hunch that Boa knew more than he led on. So Danny recorded a conversation Boa and his wife had in their native language and ran it through a translation app. Turned out that Boa did know who robbed his store. It was his son, Tuan. The boy had gotten himself into some gambling trouble and staged the robbery as a means of paying off his debt.

Erin Learned a Lesson on ‘Blue Bloods’

The entire time that Danny and Baez were searching for their perpetrator, Erin was going down a rabbit hole with Crawford on “Blue Bloods.”

She ended up asking her brother and Baez for help with the misdemeanor. And while she was at it, Erin accused the detectives of tipping Crawford off to her possible run for DA. They, of course, denied the accusations.

Then Erin’s suspicions only deepened after she met with the defendant’s lawyer and he immediately agreed to a plea deal. Once that happened, Erin was certain that Crawford had purposely wasted her time.

At that point, Erin was fed up and decided to confront Crawford about the whole situation. And when she did, she found out that Crawford was actually helping Erin gain some clout in the system.

The “low-level” defendant was actually tied to a huge criminal operation and Crawford knew all along. So she had Erin take the case because he know she was the best person for the job.

But at the end of the “Blue Bloods” episode, Erin realized that she wasn’t ready to run for DA. And during the weekly Reagan dinner scene, she broke the news to her family.

And Frank, with his sage wisdom, told his daughter, “sometimes an emphatic no is the last step you have to take before jumping in with both feet.”