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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Is Loving Paris in New Pic

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sami Gayle, the Blue Bloods start that plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle is having a fine time in Paris. The actress shared a picture from her trip recently.

Ah, to be sipping wine in Paris, who wouldn’t want to do that? Gayle looks to be having a great time over in Europe. The 25-year-old shared a picture with fans on her Instagram. She kept things fairly simple with just a one-sentence caption. “Paris, je t’aime.” That’s French for, “Paris, I love you.” Check it out below.

While there hasn’t been a lot of Nicky action in the show lately, that doesn’t mean she is entirely out of the show. She has been a regular character since the pilot episode and has been in over 200 episodes total. The last time fans got to see her on-screen in a new episode was in 2020 during Atonement. Nicky is actually in San Francisco after taking a job there. So, she isn’t at the family dinner table much anymore, but we think there will be more Nicky in the future.

The Blue Bloods star is usually very busy even outside of the show. For a while, she was juggling the show, college courses, as well as a Netflix film. That’s a lot to put on one plate, but Gayle managed to do it anyway.

Right now, the Reagan family has some major decisions to make. Blue Bloods fans are ready to see what Erin does when the show returns on December 3. Someone is going to have to face reality.

‘Blue Bloods’ Character Facing Reality in New Episode

When Blue Bloods returns at the beginning of December, the episode will be Reality Check. In the 8th chapter of this season, there will be some realizations made and hopefully, some questions answered. Bridget Moynahan’s character, ADA Erin, said she wasn’t going to run for District Attorney. However, did Frank talk her into it?

As with most major decisions in the Regan family, Erin brought her issue up at the family dinner table. The show is famous for these scenes and it helps bring many things to a close and serves as a nice wrapup to most episodes. The scene opened up and Pops was talking football with the family. He insisted that some team (the NY Giants?) were going to make the playoffs. The rest of the family did not know what the elder patriarch was talking about.

While they argued about football like any good family does around Thanksgiving, Erin blurted out that she was “out.” No one was quite sure what she meant. So, she elaborated. She is out of the DA running. Apparently, she doesn’t want to do it. In Blue Bloods fashion, Frank delivered some solid knowledge that may have convinced her to do it anyway.