‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Makes Everywhere a ‘Dance Floor’ In Gorgeous New Photos

by Megan Molseed

Sami Gayle continues to stun her fan with some gorgeous Insta photos. From her morning jogs to girls’ nights out or days at the beach, the Blue Bloods star is known for her breathtaking Instagram looks.

This time, the actress is adding some wistful moves to her post as she makes every moment count while creating a dance floor wherever she goes.

“I make a dance floor out of EVERY environment…” Sami Gayle declares in a Sunday afternoon Instagram post to which the star adds a dancing girl emoji. “Sincerely, Sami.”

In the gorgeous Sunday afternoon Instagram photos, the Blue Bloods star twirls around in a short-sleeved blue and white ankle-length sundress.

Sami Gayle Stuns Amid a Gorgeous Setting

Gayle’s gorgeous dress has a sort of “airy” quality to it, moving with the star as she dances in her photos.

The Blue Bloods star adds a pair of wedge-heeled sandals to the look. A perfect addition to the carefree outfit.

While Sami Gayle and her gorgeous look certainly stand out in the stunning photos, the background adds its own breathtaking quality to the posts.

The Blue Bloods star stands in front of some luscious greens on a wall as she dances her day away.

At the top of the greens, are some colorful flowers. Some of the flowers are red, others are yellow, and a few are white.

These bright colors really pop in the Blue Bloods actress’s pics. Giving the photos a beautifully bright aura.

While Sami Gayle’s Sunday Instagram post had a bright and almost spring-like quality to it, the actress showed off another look while she stands amid some gorgeous autumn tones earlier in the weekend.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Shows Fans Her ‘Sincerely Sami’ Look

The Blue Bloods star was all smiles Saturday as she posted some pics to her Insta showing off a gorgeous no-makeup look. A look for which the actress started her recent “Sincerely Sami” sign-off on Insta.

“Sincerely, Sami” means no makeup and no filter…” the actress says in the Insta post.

“Have a great weekend!” Gayle adds before signing off with her “Sincerely, Sami.”

In the October 23 Instagram photo, Sami Gayle goes all-natural with no makeup in a gorgeous selfie.

The actress’s photo shows her standing in front of a number of pumpkins and other fall-related decor.

Of course, even without a drop of makeup, the actress is breathtakingly stunning. Her outfit even continues with the autumn theme.

In the photo, the Blue Bloods star is wearing a green-colored sleeveless top in the selfie. There is a little extra shine to Gayle’s top with little flex of gold included throughout.

The Blue Bloods actress adds a stunning gold pendant to the look. Perfectly matching the star’s beautiful top.