‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Serves a Stunning Look in New Beach Selfie

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle is on quite the adventure, it seems. And, the actress is taking her Instagram followers along with her as she ventures across the country!

From journeys to the coasts touring Seattle and New York City, as well as the extreme north, Sami Gayle told her Instagram fans that she is enjoying the sites along the way. The Blue Bloods star is sharing the experiences as they happen.

Even during a recent morning run, Sami Gayle is including her fans in her adventures.

On Friday afternoon, the Blue Bloods star shared a relaxed selfie of herself to her Instagram page. In the photo, Sami Gayle is all smiles as she gears up for a morning run.

“Morning run in the sun!” the Blue Bloods actress exclaims on a Friday afternoon Insta post.

In the photo, the Blue Bloods star shows off her incredible style. One that stays with the actress even as she works out.

The Blue Bloods star is wearing an adorable jogging outfit, including a black sweatshirt with one shoulder cut out.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Shows An Eye For Style, Even During Her Workouts

Sami Gayle is already with some tunes as she prepares to hit the pavement for her run with her earbuds around her neck.

Gayle tops off the trendy workout look with a pair of aviator sunglasses.

According to Gayle, she is in the middle of an exciting trip with her brother.

A trip that was planned in a way that the pair will transition through a variety of climates, the Blue Bloods actress notes.

“Love how my brother transitions us through different climates on our trips so as not to shock our bodies,” Sami Gayle writes in the Insta post.

According to the Blue Bloods star, the pair has already left New York City for Seattle. Alaska was their next stop.

“We went to Seattle (little chillier than NYC) before heading to even chillier Alaska,” Sami Gayle tells her Insta followers. “Then headed back to warmer Seattle before heading to even warmer California.”

According to Gayle, their next stop was somewhere that is a bit warmer than their other stops. A place at which she plans to hit the beach.

“Then hit the beach before heading to a warmer one,” the Blue Bloods star teases in the post. “Any guesses as to our last stop?”

Sami Gayle wasn’t giving the answer away in today’s post.

However, she does tell her Insta fans that she will give it away later tonight.

“Check out my stories tonight for amazing footage of this one,” the star says in the post. She tops the comment off with a little ocean wave emoji.