‘Blue Bloods’: Sami Gayle Shows Off Her ‘Tuesday Twirls’ in Beautiful New Photo

by Shelby Scott

Always one to share her latest fashion statements with her fans, “Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle took to Instagram to feature her “Tuesday Twirls” in a beautiful new photo. Check it out.

Everything about this photo, literally, twirls. Not only does Sami Gayle’s uniquely patterned dress twirl around her heeled ankles. Beautiful blonde ringlets twirl and fall over her shoulders, while she’s backed by an intricate spiral staircase and twirling posts that lead to the stairway’s opening. At the moment, I’m getting vibes of dizzy and princess, rather than “Disney Princess.”

Regardless, the “Blue Bloods” actress looks gorgeous as always as she dons another uniquely printed dress. If you look closely, the billowing white spaghetti-strapped gown boasts a pattern of palm trees and various yellow and blue buildings. One has to wonder where she finds these styles, as the local Old Navy seems hung up on tye-dye.

Needless to say, Same Gayle’s fans flocked to the comments to praise her gown, her hair, and her bright smile.

“You are so beautiful,” wrote one of the actress’s followers. “Very cute photo!!!” said another. Still others complimented Sami Gayle’s style, writing, “Love the dress!” beneath her post.

Always one to impress, Miss Gayle.

Another ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Glows Among Sparkling Scenery

There’s no doubt “Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle has quite a unique style as she frequently shares her OOTDs on her social media pages. However, Gayle isn’t the only “Blue Bloods” actress with a sense of style.

While Sami Gayle’s style has a certain airy and light tone to it, fellow “Blue Bloods” actress Abigail Hawk has quite a unique style of her own and she’s not afraid to show it off over on her own Instagram page. Check it out.

Boasting a style much similar to my own, Hawk sports a pair of what I assume are bright white Dr. Martens, a comfortable and loose-fit sweater-like dress, and a simple ponytail. The green hue of her dress glows among the hundreds of brightly lit artificial geysers and the reflective surface.

While we can always depend on Sami Gayle to give us a spunky and thematic caption beneath each and every one of her posts, the bright blonde “Blue Bloods” star takes a much more subdued approach. Hawk simply captions the post with a mermaid and a sailboat emoji, although it’s a bit late in the season for either. Especially compared to the CBS star’s attire. Everything about Hawk’s outfit screams fall.

Nevertheless, fans adored her look, and her boots especially, in the comments beneath her post.

“Love this photo!” wrote one of the star’s followers.

And I can’t help but agree. I’m truly a sucker for boots and waterfalls.