‘Blue Bloods’: Sami Gayle is ‘Stronger than Yesterday’ as She Gives a Dazzling Look

by Taylor Cunningham

Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle penned a poignant post on Instagram today. She wants everyone to remember that when it comes to social media, looks can be deceiving.

Sami Gayle just enjoyed a cross-country trip to Seattle, Alaska, and California. And now she’s home in New York City. But before she goes back to work on the set of Blue Bloods, she has an important message for her fans.

Today, as her vacation officially came to a close, she posted that message on Instagram. Alongside the note, she attached a dazzling picture of herself next to a sign that reads, “stronger than yesterday.” And Sami shared that being stronger is what she “strives for every day.”

“As I head back to the grind, I just want to acknowledge that these images are an extremely small slice of my life, not the full picture.” she captioned. “I worry that we sometimes lose sight of that, so I like to reiterate this every once in a while.”

Sami wants everyone to realize that shouldn’t judge others by their social media accounts. People often make their lives appear perfect online. And when followers compare their own lives to curated online feeds, it can cause depression. So Sami hopes her fans keep that knowledge in mind while they scroll through photographs of her seemingly lavish trip to the West Coast.

“Grateful for a wonderful trip and excited to get back to reality,” she added. “Thanks for joining me along the ride. Sincerely, Sami”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Travels the West Coast

Sami Gayle took a break from Blue Bloods last week to tour the West Coast. And she kept her fans up to date on her travels on social media.

Halfway through her trip, she posted an update. And it sounds a little exhausting. But it still looks like the 25-year-old had the time of her life traveling with friends and family.

Sami hit up quite a few states on her whirlwind adventure. And she noted that her brother was very strategic about transitioning through the different climates so they didn’t shock their bodies, which was quite clever.

The actress started her vacation in Seattle then she went to Alaska. While she was in Alaska, she chased the Northern lights, but never caught them (bummer.) And she explored Denali National Park. After she was done traipsing through the last frontier, she went to Seattle. Then she made a stop in California. And finally, she relaxed on a warm, sunny beach somewhere.