‘Blue Bloods’: Sami Gayle Stuns in Appearance at ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Premiere

by Shelby Scott

While Outsiders know actress Sami Gayle from her iconic appearances on CBS‘s “Blue Blood,” it appears the star is a fan of the well-known crime drama, “Dexter.” Gayle served quite the look in her latest appearance at the “Dexter: New Blood” premiere last night, sporting a bright blue patterned dress and fuzzy Coach bag.

Taking place in a wintery inspired backdrop, Sami Gayle’s look drew compliments from fans across Instagram. Many complimented the young star on her classy look and iconic smile.

“Looking very beautiful and elegant Sami,” wrote one of the “Blue Bloods” star’s followers. Another fan commented, “Sami, you look Beautiful in that dress. And your fuzzy purse looks Glam.” While I’m not normally a fan of fuzzy anything when it comes to wardrobe, it’s definitely fitting for the scenery, which screams chilly wintery vibes.

Another fan sweetly wrote, “That smile never disappoints!! Absolutely stunning.”

As fans of “Blue Bloods” and Sami Gayle ourselves, we at Outsider couldn’t agree more.

Sami Gayle Trades Winter Vibes for Airy Summer Dress

As to Sami Gayle’s “Dexter: New Blood” appearance, her outfit is fitting for the scene, dark colors and black accessories complimentary to the wintery scene behind her.

However, in an earlier Instagram post, we saw the “Blue Bloods” star showing off quite the twirl as a light, summer gown swung breezily around her legs.

“I make a dance floor out of EVERY environment,” Gayle wrote beneath the post. Her impressively tall wedges, short sleeves, and sunglasses captured all the essence of summer vibes, while Outsiders on the East Coast are beginning to see temperatures below freezing at night. Either way, both the star’s stunning looks have me sitting here freezing.

Regardless, and as always, “Blue Bloods” fans flocked to the comments to share their adoration for Sami Gayle.

“You are adorable Sami,” wrote one of the star’s followers. Another added, “Simply lovely,” which ironically flows with her regular caption, “Sincerely, Sami.”

Still others complimented Sami Gayle’s dress and though the look offers no warmth here in the Northeast, I can’t help but be a little jealous of her simple attire and warm weather vibes.

“Blue Bloods” Star Regularly Adapts to American Climates

Prior to her appearance at the “Dexter: New Blood” premiere, Sami Gayle fans followed along on the “Blue Bloods” star’s trip across the U.S. The trip saw her enduring the chill of fall on the East Coast, the warmth of California out West, and the bitter cold of Alaska as she chased the Northern Lights.

As the star’s been known to capture her ventures in posts across her Instagram, fans got a sneak peek into Gayle’s far northern trip to Alaska. While her dance floor dress serves perfectly for temperatures ranging higher than a warm 70 degrees, her Alaskan adventure saw the star wrapped up in a grey parka, black beanie, and lined mittens. Behind her, snow coated the ground and we can’t help but wonder how the star maintains a semi-regular internal body temperature.

Regardless, after a near miss, Sami Gayle revealed she was able to see the Northern Lights and she appeared warm enough. However, we wonder what climate the star’s Instagram will see her in next.