‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Thanks Fans for the ‘Outpouring of Love’ on Her Birthday

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Disney Studios)

On Saturday (January 22nd), Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle took to her Instagram account to thank fans for the love and support they have given on her 26th birthday.

“Thank you for your outpouring of love and support today and every day,” the Blue Bloods actress states in her social media post. “I am so grateful to have all of you by my side as I continue to grow.”

The Blue Bloods star also declares on Instagram that 26 is her favorite bliss.

Along with her fans, Gayle’s Blue Bloods co-star and onscreen mom, Bridget Moynahan also wished her a happy birthday. “Sami…..if only I had the talent to bake you a cake like you did for me! Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy this new year and all the blessings it has in store for you.”

Gayle also responded to her Blue Bloods co-star’s sweet post by commenting, “Thank you and love you! Forever grateful for your guidance, friendship, kindness, and support. So lucky to have grown up with you as a role model.”

Sami Gayle Shares How Her ‘Blue Bloods’ Mom Bridget Moynahan Impacted Her Acting Career

During a 2020 interview with Glitter, Sami Gayle opened up about her relationship with her Blue Bloods co-star and on-screen mother, Bridget Moynahan. Bridget has been like an additional mother. And I am forever indebted to her for showing me what it means to be a gracious, kind, talented, and independent woman.”

Gayle also stated that watching her Blue Bloods mom over the years has helped her to become a better actress. “My favorite thing about our scenes together is that they often tackle universal, mother/daughter experiences. I always walk away having gleaned something about a situation I’ve encountered with my actual mom or with foresight as to how to deal with a situation in the future.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the famous Reagan family dinner scenes, the Blue Bloods star stated that she hopes that the dinner scenes show viewers the importance of learning from and hearing out perspectives different from their own. “Everyone has their own point of view at our dinner table. And our characters are more informed, connected, and understanding because of that.”

The Blue Bloods castmate goes on to add that the dinner scenes are the best times. “It’s a joy to be able to catch up not only on our characters’ lives but also on our personal lives! My go-to dinner scene story is from my first episodes. My little cousin sneezed on my food and the director did not see. The director then asked me to take a bit. I obliged.”

Moynahan notably handed her Blue Bloods co-star a napkin to spit the food out. “[She] told me that I needed to say something next time. She instantly became a mother figure for me and has been ever since.”