‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle is an ‘Uptown Girl’ in Her Latest Update

by Anna Dunn

Blue Bloods star Sam Gayle just posted a cute pic from her home city of New York. The actress plays Nicole “Nicky” Reagan-Boyle on the series. While she’s not a regular cast member, she frequently makes guest appearances on the show.

The actress likes to post photos of her life in New York City, and this new one is no exception. The new photo shows her in a fun-looking cart, bundled up in the chilly fall weather.

“Uptown girl,” she wrote in the caption.

“Really cute photo,” one fan wrote.

“I love The Mark, but I love you more!” another fan commented.

Others were quick to compliment her look.

Aside from her appearances on Blue Bloods, her romps around NYC, and her Insta posts, Gayle’s been busy. She recently attended the premiere of Dexter: New Blood. At the premiere, she wore a wintery blue dress and held a fluffy coach bag.

The Blue Bloods star also recently celebrated Halloween in an adorable costume. The actress decided to go as a bumblebee and posted a photo of her outfit to Instagram.

Here’s How the ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Spent Lockdown

It’s nice to see Sami Gayle out and about, but it wasn’t too long ago that nobody could do so. During lockdown period, Sami Gayle tried to stay busy. She took on multiple projects from music to film to helping out her community.

“I’ve been baking a lot, working out a lot, working on music I hope to release in 2021, working on film projects, and I hope to shoot in 2021. Earlier this year, I was helping my brother run an 80 person strong virtual campaign internship program in conjunction with his run for Supervisor of Elections in Broward County. I’ve tried to find every silver lining possible during this time and to give back to our community in any way that I can,” she said in a 2020 interview with Glitter.

Hopefully, some of those film projects she was working on will come to fruition as we approach 2022. For now, she still remains an important part of Blue Bloods even if she’s not in every episode, or every season for that matter.

She’s yet to make an appearance on season 12 of the hit series, but that doesn’t mean she won’t show up. Her most recent appearance on Blue Bloods was in the two-part season 11 finale. She’s also had roles in Candy Jar, Noah, and Vampire Academy.

Season 12 of Blue Bloods airs on Friday nights at 10/9 Central on CBS. Sami Gayle has yet to make an appearance, but there’s still been plenty of action.