‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Is ‘Waiting for the Weekend’

by Jonathan Howard

While she hasn’t appeared on Blue Bloods so far this season, Sami Gayle is out living her best life according to pictures on her Instagram.

Sami, of course, plays Nicky Reagan on the CBS drama. As Erin’s daughter, she is a smart and capable person. Right now, Nicky has taken a job in California. So, she isn’t around a whole lot. When you see all the places that Gayle has been to recently it makes sense. It looks like the 25-year-old is just out enjoying life and seeing the world.

It wasn’t long ago that she was posting about being in Paris. Now, it looks like a new destination, although she didn’t mention the city in the new post. The Blue Bloods star is rocking a low-key dress with a long brown jacket over it. Her heels look so bright red they might be orange. Check out the post below captioned, “Waiting for the weekend like…”

She might not be on Blue Bloods as often as in earlier seasons, but her connection to the others in the cast is still strong. It was just last week before Thanksgiving when she expressed all that she was thankful for this year. In that post, from November 23, she even took the time to thank Bridget Moynahan, her “TV mama,” for all she has done.

“Forever grateful to my TV mama @bridgetmoynahan for so many more things than I could possibly count,” she said. So, fans shouldn’t give up on seeing Nicky at the family dinner table again in the future. It just depends on where the Reagan family storyline ends up heading.

‘Blue Bloods’ Frank Reagan Goes on a Podcast?

While there wasn’t a new episode of Blue Bloods last week, fans are getting one this week. It is going to be interesting as Frank Reagan makes a move he may regret. He has been invited to join a podcast. While the police commissioner thinks it will be a great idea, his team might have other ideas.

Abigail Baker is one of his top aides. She has been in the field more recently and is younger, more hip to the podcast world. New media is taking over and even Frank can’t escape it. However, will he end up regretting the move? This could be a big setup and a PR nightmare waiting to happen. Of course, there will be some debate about whether he goes through with it or not.

Fans of Blue Bloods have been waiting for a good, solid Baker arc. She has a lot of potential. With her proximity to Frank and her experience as a member of NYPD, there is a lot she could get involved with. Perhaps this is going to be the first episode of that new arc. Viewers are going to want to pay attention when the new episode airs this week.