‘Blue Bloods’: Sami Gayle Shares Wholesome Birthday Message for Her Father

by Courtney Blackann

While “Blue Bloods” actress Sami Gayle appreciates her onscreen dad, she took some time out to celebrate her real life dad in a sweet birthday message. The star definitely loves being able to work in a challenging and demanding industry, but just as much, she knows that family time is crucial.

The actress recently posted an adorable photo of herself with her father on Instagram, sharing her love and respect for the man that raised her. And you can see just how happy Gayle is in the photo. Echoing her demeanor, the “Blue Blood” star’s father looks just as happy and proud of his daughter.

“Happiest birthday to our dad who rocks our world in every way. Today, and every day, we count our blessings that you were born. Love you,” Gayle captioned her post.

Gayle wore a dark green leather dress as her father places his arm around her for the photo. Several fans additionally reached out to wish the dad a very happy birthday.

“Blue Bloods” Star on Gratitude and Vulnerability

While the “Blue Bloods” actress is staying quite busy for someone who’s merely 25, she got her start on both off-Broadway and Broadway productions. Since that time, the television star hasn’t slowed down. She was most recently in the Netflix original “Candy Jar.” It’s safe to assume the actress has a bright future ahead of her.

However, this is also due to her keeping a level head throughout her fame. The TV actress recently took time to share why she’s grateful for her life and how she also struggles, just like many others. She gave her fans some insight into her personal life along with advice for those who are working towards new goals.

“Lately, I’ve found myself reflecting on moments when I haven’t taken action to shield myself from vulnerability. After all, when we put ourselves out there, whether at work, in our personal lives, etc., we open ourselves up to the possibility that things will not work out, the actress wrote in a post on Instagram.

She further added:

But, as a friend of mine reminded me yesterday, the result is that we often forego potentially wonderful experiences and opportunities, just because we’re afraid to fail. In the end, if we try and fail, we won’t regret having exercised courage… the only thing we might regret is not having tried in the first place. So as we think about the week to come, let’s figure out how we can celebrate and embrace vulnerability instead of shying away from it… I bet we’ll make some slam dunks along the way,” Gayle said along with the post.