‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12, Episode 3 Recap

by Joe Rutland

As Frank Reagan considers taking another job, “Blue Bloods” comes alive for its third episode of Season 12 on Friday night.

This week’s episode is titled “Protective Instincts.” Let’s take a look and see how it all panned out with an assist from Celebrity Laundry.

Detectives Danny Reagan and Maria Baez, played by Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez, investigate the murder of a restaurant delivery man named Ziad. The man took three bullets to the chest and fell off his bike dead. His wife and son arrive as she tracked his cell phone when he didn’t come home.

Sean Reagan, played by Andrew Terraciano, shows up and tells Sergeant Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes, that he has to do a school report. He askes Jamie if he can go along for a ride with two female cops. Jamie said he’d ask his boss.

‘Blue Bloods’ Episode Has Lenny Ross Making Frank Reagan A Job Offer

Treat Williams appears as Frank’s old friend Lenny Ross and makes Reagan an offer. Apparently, Ross tells Frank that the NFL wants to hire him as their Senior Vice President of Security. It stuns Frank so much that he’s speechless. A rarity on “Blue Bloods.”

Danny and Maria go to Punjabi Kitchen. They hear from the restaurant owner that he was like brothers with Ziad. Danny asks about the owner’s SUV outside and said it’s involved with Ziad’s death.

Meanwhile, Sean is inside the cruiser with Eddie and Rachel. They go check out a domestic disturbance. When Sean hears about a suspect, he thinks he just saw him. Well, Sean gets tripped up by a scooter on the ground. When he gest up, that guy hits Sean in the jaw.

Sean goes to the hospital. Danny asks Eddie what happened. Turns out he was lying about having Danny’s permission. Danny is ticked as Sean has a black eye and concussion.

Quiet Dinner Table Situation Highlights Crucial Decision for Frank; Danny’s Ticked

Now, Outsiders, it looks like Frank is trying to make a decision.

The family gathers at the dinner table and nobody appears to be talking. At the table, Sean is accepting responsibility for what happened. But Danny is extremely mad.

Danny and Baez end up solving the case. It appears that the dead man’s wife is covering for her son, who might be the one who shot and killed his father.

Now Frank is still trying to discern whether to take Lenny’s offer or not. So, the Commish is not going anywhere. Frank Reagan is staying on to run the NYPD, telling Lenny that he will not go to work for the NFL.

“Blue Bloods” returns next Friday night on CBS.