‘Blue Bloods’: Some Fans Are Getting ‘Sick and Tired’ of This Character

by Quentin Blount

This one goes out to all of our Outsiders who are also Blue Bloods fans. How do you feel about Sid? It seems like some fans with him are fed up.

If you are new to Blue Bloods, Sidney “Sid” Gormley is a lieutenant with the New York City Police Department. He’s also the special assistant and an advisor to Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck), the Police Commissioner. Gormley joins up with Deputy Commissioner Moore and Detective Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) as part of Reagan’s inner advisory circle. In addition, he assists the commissioner with all kinds of various tasks, and he also serves as the enforcer of the NYPD Patrol Guide.

But Sid is also known to be a die-hard supporter of his fellow cops, sometimes to a fault. That is what has fans of the show fired up on Reddit. One user who goes by the name TheFantasticXman1 explained his disdain for the character in a post earlier this week titled, “Getting a bit sick and tired of Sid.”

“I used to like Sid,” the post begins, “but he’s always gotten on my nerves with his unabashedly pro-cop stance. He always supports cops no matter what and whilst that’s not inherently a bad thing, he goes too far with it sometimes. Like how he supported a cop assaulting another cop just because said cop had an opinion he didn’t agree with.”

Moment That Pushed ‘Blue Bloods’ Fan Over the Edge

Meanwhile, there was one specific incident that pushed things over the edge for this particular Reddit user. That was when Sid told Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) to “shred” proof of Coolidge’s illegal business.

“What most annoyed me was when he pressured Jamie to overlook Coolidge’s illegal activities. No, he didn’t just tell him to overlook it, he told him to ‘shred it.’ Burn all the evidence and act like it never happened. He and Eddie using stupid reasons like, ‘he’s had a rough time,’ ‘his wife’s sick,’ ‘he’s not hurting anyone,’ ‘he made you the cop you are today,’ ‘you owe him,’ ‘it’s not like gamblers are victims or anything,’ blah blah blah.”

If you ask them, Sid is the “embodiment” of a bad cop. But we are leaving the question up to you Outsiders. What do you think about Sid on Blue Bloods?

“Sid is the literal embodiment of what people dislike about cops — covering up for your fellow officers when they do illegal (or just downright bad) things and supporting them even when you know they’re wrong. And he wonders why people hate the police.”

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