‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Declares Emotional Message of Support for Show’s Crew Members

by Taylor Cunningham

There is a possible strike brewing in Hollywood. And Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk is the most recent actress to come out in support of the IATSE.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is threatening to walk if studios don’t agree to make working conditions more tolerable for their set crews. The agreement deadline is set for Monday at midnight. And many of the most influential actors in the industry are supporting IATSE.

On Friday, Abigail Hawk penned a long Instagram post explaining why the unsung heroes of Hollywood deserve higher pay, shorter hours, and overall better treatment.

Our show exists because of our crew: the talented humans behind the camera who often start their day before the sun rises and end it long after it sets,” she started. “We are a family, absolutely, but they also have families at home. Families who often see them less than we do.”

Hawk has been working in the film industry since she was 12-years-old. And when she was just getting started, she actually thought certain “crew members lived at the studio.”

“They were just… always there…” she remembered. “It is not glorified work.”

She went on to admit that crew members are just as important to TV and film as the actors who get all the credit. But their jobs are not glamourous.

“It is mostly done in shadow, to create light and moments, make magic, to move you,” Hawk continued. “It is grueling. “

The worst part of all is that those integral workers have “thankless” jobs. And the actress said the stars of Blue Bloods are “quite literally nothing without them.” So because of that, she supports all the members of IATSE.

“They deserve respect and praise and humane working conditions. They deserve sleep and a break. I love these people. I owe them every ounce of my success.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Considers Future After Show Ends

CBS’s Blue Bloods is doing just fine for itself these days. The drama is in its 12th season, and ratings are still holding strong. So we see the Reagan family sticking around a little longer (hopefully). But in Hollywood, series can be canceled on a whim—and for no apparent reason.

So just in case, stars are always thinking about their next move. And in a recent interview with Yahoo! Life, Bridget Moynahan got candid about her future once Blue Bloods wraps up for good.

“Every time I see a show like Mare of Easttown or Handmaid’s Tale, I think, God there’s such incredible work out there, such incredible opportunities and such great writing for women,” she said. “So because of that, I feel that next step will open its doors when this wraps, whenever that may be.”