‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Declares ‘Joy Is an Act of Resistance’ in New Snap

by Amanda Glover

Abigail Hawk is making all of us smile with her most recent Instagram post.

The Blue Bloods actress took to social media today to showcase her happiness. In the black-and-white photo, the 36-year-old actress shows off her winning smile with the caption: “Joy is an act of resistance” with a cute sunshine emoji.

Fans are soaking up her joy and sunshine in the comments. One fan wrote: “Gorgeous as always XOXO.” Another fan wrote: “What a stunning…natural lovely beauty….yes you….Baker,” referring to Hawk’s character, Abigail Baker in Blue Bloods.

This post is no surprise though. The actress’s Instagram is loaded with selfies. Her social media account mostly consists of pictures of herself, her sons, her husband, and time on set. This was just one of the few black-and-white images to make final the cut.

Lovers of the CBS hit would know Abigail Hawk from anywhere. But, what was she up to before staring in the hit crime/drama series? While Detective Baker’s professional and personal life might be an open book, much of Hawk’s life remains a mystery.

Before Blue Bloods premiered in 2010, Hawk only had five jobs listed on her IMDb page. This includes an uncredited appearance as a flower child in Across the Universe, and a one-episode on Law & Order playing “Paramedic.”

In 1995, 10-year-old Hawk starred in a children’s program called Reality Check. The show told the story of a young inventor named Jack Craft, played by Ryan Seacrest.

Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Abigail Hawk’s Character on ‘Blue Bloods’ Didn’t Have a Name When She First Started Off

This Saturday, it’ll be one year since Hawk completed an interview with Starrymag.com. Let’s rehash how she felt about her role on the show, Outsiders!

When asked about how her character was originally described to her when she first started on the show, Hawk had an answer ready:

“Originally, she did not have a last name, an age, a gender, a race. She did not have anything. She was either detective Mel or Melissa. So, no first name. Definitely not my first name. I got the role and about two to three episodes in Tom [Selleck] decided to change it to Abigail because he thought Melissa was too ordinary, which I guess is a compliment.”

Hawk was asked how her character influenced who she is today:

“Like, the way I deliver certain things makes them like, “Okay, let’s see what happens if we throw this situation this way. What happens if her husband gets shot? What happens if we find out Frank has a grandson, and nobody knows except for me?” That kind of thing. So, I don’t know if I really have influence outside of that particular thing. But I also think that I have built this character from the ground up.”