‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Goes Full Cowgirl for Farm Christmas Celebration

by Amy Myers
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk grabbed her family and her favorite brimmed hat and headed to a farm for some holiday festivities.

Underneath the twinkling lights, Hawk found the perfect place to pose in her cowgirl chic outfit. Meanwhile, her two boys kept themselves bundled with puffy coats, winter hats and matching pajama pants. The main activity for the family was, of course, visiting all the animals. Despite the chill of the night, the Blue Bloods star and her family kept each other warm with their bright smiles and holiday cheer.

After their trip, Hawk posted some of her favorite shots to Instagram. She managed to catch her sons petting the goats and even talking back to a couple of noisy turkeys.

The excursion isn’t a rare occasion for the Blue Bloods star and her family. In fact, they went on a similar adventure just in October to a farm when the corn stalks were still high and pumpkins were everywhere. Clearly, Hawk and her loved ones were frequent visitors at their local farms. This time, instead of petting animals and posing beside Christmas lights, the family flung brains at zombies and smiled beside mutated clowns.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Shows Appreciation for Her Partner in Crime

Of course, Hawk isn’t the only one keeping her tiny humans entertained. Her husband, Bryan Spies, has been right beside the Blue Bloods star and their boys for every adventure.

So, naturally, the doting wife wanted to show her support for him when Spies ran the NYC Marathon with an injury.

“What an absolutely thrilling day. My #BRYdesdale triumphed over his pulled Achilles heel and finished in 5:20, which, for those of you who have run this race and know how grueling it is, is nothing short of a miracle. My God, I am proud of him. Elated! Inspired!” the Blue Bloods star wrote.

She snapped a photo of the two after Spies crossed the finish line. Despite his injury, he wore a triumphant smile as he showed off his medal.

Likewise, Hawk also shared her admiration for the people of her great city. Behind those corn mazes and Christmas farms were loving and supportive people.

“My favorite part of today was experiencing the ecstasy and energy of a city who was brought to her knees, but who has emerged brighter, bolder, and more unified than ever before,” the Blue Bloods star continued.

“There were just people. People coming together, leaning on each other, cheering for one another, loving, laughing.”