‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Barely Got Through This Dinner Scene

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In its 12 seasons on CBS, “Blue Bloods” has become iconic for its collection of unique and vibrant cast members and dynamic storylines. However, simultaneously, fans have fallen for the show as they look forward to the evening drama and discussions that take place at each Reagan family dinner. Now in its latest season, “Blue Bloods” star Bridget Moynahan spoke out on one family dinner scene which she barely made it through.

Earlier last week, Moynahan sat down on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to talk about some of the show’s most memorable dinners.

“Is there anything that you really didn’t want to eat that you had to eat?” Ryan asks the “Blue Bloods” star.

The Erin Reagan-Boyle actress supplied the talk show hosts with quite an interesting response. Check it out.

Moynahan pointed to a scene that took place early in the “Blue Bloods” series, where the Reagans sat down to eat an “interesting intersection of foods” identified as a mushu-pork calzone.

While the combination was strange in itself, the “Blue Bloods” star said, “I had to talk about it on screen so I had to eat it every single time.”

“I don’t think you understand how many takes that is,” Kelly jibes at Ryan. Overall, Moynahan shared the scene took around four hours to do the dinner scene, so essentially, the actress spent four hours eating what I believe is the strangest calzone I’ve ever heard of.

“Try it!” she jokes, although, I think I’ll stick to the basics, Bridget.

Latest ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinner Features Strange Conversation

Speaking of the Reagan family dinners, it’s not always the food, as Bridget Moynahan states, that has cast members and viewers alike perturbed.

The latest “Blue Bloods” episode, entitled “Firewall,” saw the Reagans gathered together for dinner ahead of the week’s approaching full moon. The scene opens on Eddie’s discussion of the full moon and how it affects people’s behavior. In response, Danny says, “Eddie’s on to something here. Full moons definitely change people.”

Incredulously, Moynahan’s Erin responds, “Change people–like into werewolves?”

Eddie emphatically denies the ridiculous statement, instead explaining that the moon’s phase causes people to “get nuttier.”

“There’s one this week, so everybody lookout,” the “Blue Bloods” character warns.

The strange dinner conversation ensues, with the whole of the Reagan family throwing in their input. However, Danny, always humorous, caps the conversation, stating, “as someone who’s done their share of midnights, full moons definitely make things get a little hairy our there on the street.”

Overall, the “Blue Bloods” episode does a fine job of resorting to humor despite the severity of the episode’s events. Alongside Eddie’s full moon claims, “Firewall” saw a cyberattack invade department, and corrupting all of its computers. As Danny and Baez confront the suspect, the latter gets grazed by a bullet, which has “Blue Bloods” fans ticked. But you can read all about that here.