‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Calls Keanu Reeves ‘Quiet and Private’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

When Bridget Moynahan isn’t portraying Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods she has the honor of being Keanu Reeve’s wife in the John Wick series.

While her character is dead, Moynahan has played the role of Helen via flashbacks in the series. She hasn’t been in the last installment, but she still has a good relationship with her costar Reeves. We aren’t sure if she will be in the fourth movie which will debut in 2023.

In a recent interview, Moynahan talked about a lot of things. From her Blue Bloods career to her former costar. Since she played John Wick’s wife in the movies, there aren’t a lot of bad moments that she has to be a part of. Just, you know, the one bad one. She got to know Keanu and was able to share her thoughts about what he was like on set.

“He’s very quiet and very private,” Moynahan said. “… I had always heard that about him, and he kind of still was. But we had a really nice time. We were playing a couple that was in love so that was really fun to do.”

There wasn’t a lot of drama or tension between the couple in the movies. No, it was all going good for the Wicks, until it wasn’t. Of course, Helen gifts John a dog before she passes. The new pet was to make sure he wouldn’t be alone after her death. Then… well if you’ve seen even a couple of minutes of the movie you likely know what happened to the poor animal.

Meanwhile, on Blue Bloods fans are waiting for Moynahan’s character, Erin to make a big decision regarding her career soon.

‘Blue Bloods’ Will Erin Run for District Attorney?

As fans wait for the return of the season in 2022, they have one question on their minds. Will Erin Reagan formally enter the race for District Attorney? Her relationship with current DA Crawford is almost non-existent. After digging up an old murder investigation, Erin has not impressed her superior.

As the midseason finale approached, Erin was torn on what to do. She wasn’t convinced that she needed to be District Attorney. But, Blue Bloods fans know that she has talked to others. That includes her family as they were eating dinner.

During the conversation, Frank Reagan seemed to encourage his daughter. Of course, Frank will support any decision she makes. But, it is clear that he thinks she could do the job. This would mean something new for Blue Bloods viewers. The entrance of politics deliberately into the show. While politics play a role within the NYPD, this would be different. This would involve campaigning and having a platform for Erin.

So, what does the District Attorney’s office under Erin Reagan look like? Will we ever see it come to reality?