‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Is Dazzling in Throwback Photo

by Lauren Boisvert

Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” recently posted a gorgeous photo of herself on Twitter for Throwback Thursday. In the photo she wears a black lace dress and her hair is blown wildly about her face.

On “Blue Bloods,” Moynahan plays the only daughter of Frank and Mary Reagan, and their second oldest child, Erin. She is the Assistant District Attorney in New York County. She’s passionate, although she follows the rules and goes by the book in her prosecutions. She puts her soul into her work, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of justice. She often clashes with her brother Danny over their differing methods, as sometimes Danny will do whatever he can to catch a perpetrator.

After divorcing her husband Jack and getting sole custody of their daughter Nicky, Erin hasn’t had a lot of romantic interests. A lot of the men she meets bore her, or they get jobs that put them above her and she doesn’t like the idea of sleeping with her boss.

Erin is a tough, no-nonsense character, even though she was a bit of a wild child. Probably because she was a bit of a wild child. She ran away from home for two days once, staying with her grandfather; she was also booked for getting into some promiscuous teenage trouble on a beach. Frank often recalls Erin’s teenage exploits when Nicky gets into trouble, as a way of putting her behavior in perspective.

What Does Bridget Moynahan’s Revival Role on ‘Sex and the City’ Mean for ‘Blue Bloods’?

On the “Sex and the City” revival, titled “And Just Like That…” Bridget Moynahan is reprising her role as Natasha Naginsky, Mr. Big’s ex-wife. It’s currently unclear in what context Natasha is coming back, but Moynahan is definitely appearing in some fashion.

But what could this mean for her role in “Blue Bloods”? Could she be leaving the show to work on this other project? “Blue Bloods” is currently just six episodes into its twelfth season, so it doesn’t seem like Moynahan will be stepping away anytime soon. With no notion of how many episodes Natasha will feature in, it’s hard to say how much time the revival will take out of “Blue Bloods” filming. It’s possible she’ll only be in one episode and was able to work things out.

So, the short answer is, it doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving. It’s possible she did some schedule finagling and worked it out. It also helps that both “Blue Bloods” and “Sex and the City” are filmed on location in New York City. It’s just a matter of getting through Manhattan traffic from one set to the other.