‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Shares Epic Throwback Pic With ‘Talented and Studly’ Morgan Freeman

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Kevin Winter/ImageDirect.)

Before portraying Erin Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” star Bridget Moynahan had quite the Hollywood career.

One of the “Blue Bloods” star’s biggest roles in the early 2000s was playing Dr. Cathy Mueller in “The Sum of All Fears.” This thriller was part of the Jack Ryan series that first debuted in 1990, with Alec Baldwin as Ryan in “The Hunt for Red October.” Harrison Ford eventually assumed the role in the sequel films, “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger.”

But for “The Sum of All Fears,” Ben Affleck snagged the role as Jack Ryan. Moynahan played Mueller, Ryan’s fiancee. She had no idea that Ryan was in fact a CIA analyst, believing him to be a former Marine and historian.

The “Blue Bloods” star didn’t just work with Affleck on “The Sum of all Fears,” though. She also worked with none other than Morgan Freeman, getting some great snapshots with him on the red carpet during the 2002 premiere.

Moynahan posted one of these throwback photos earlier today. She captioned the post, “With the very talented and studly @morganfreeman.”

It’s almost hard to recognize the “Blue Bloods” star in the photo, given how short her hair is. Fellow co-stars from the CBS police show also commented on Moynahan’s look, including Vanessa Ray. “This hair!” she commented. Ray plays Eddie on the show, Moynahan’s sister-in-law.

Abigail Hawk, aka Abigail Baker on “Blue Bloods,” also commented, “How adorable are you?!?!”

Different hair-do aside, we can’t deny that both Moynahan and Freeman look absolutely stunning on the red carpet.

Frank Reagan Faces Potential Nightmare in Upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ Episode

We know that a new “Blue Bloods” episode airs tomorrow night. But we want to take a second to look ahead to next week’s episode, which already has a synopsis out. The episode synopsis indicates that the Reagans, especially Frank, might be facing a nightmare situation on the Jan. 28 episode, “Cold Comfort.”

“Frank contends with a potentially dirty cop within his ranks when Danny and Baez’s investigation into a brutal assault on an NYPD detective reveals evidence the officer may be corrupt,” the first part of the synopsis reads.

A dirty cop is serious business for Frank, as police commissioner. It’s his job to keep track of all the officers under his control and be responsible for their actions. If one cop is doing business with criminals or circumventing Frank’s authority, then he needs to root them out right away.

In the meantime, the other “Blue Bloods” characters also face some serious issues. Per the rest of the synopsis, “Eddie and Badillo track down the culprits behind the theft of valuable rare works from a celebrated bookstore. Jamie begrudgingly joins Henry as he looks into an old friend’s death he deems suspicious. Erin snoops into the background of a new woman in Anthony’s life.”

Tune in tomorrow and next week for two exciting episodes of “Blue Bloods” on CBS.