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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Brainstorms Hilarious New Band Names With Sleeping Pic

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Donnie Wahlberg star of Blue Bloods needs some help. Not with solving a case on the CBS drama, no, on new band names.

Wahlberg shared a hilarious post on Instagram where the star of Blue Bloods was brainstorming some new band names with the rest of the group.

Wahlberg wrote of the ideas, “Pre show power nap” or “When Boy Bands Sleep” or “The Boy Band that sleeps together, stays together” or “The Boys In The Bed” or “New Kids on The Bed” or “The Man Band Centipede” or “Donnie In The Middle” — (forgot that one). What are we naming this photo that was taken 30 minutes before we walked to the @amas stage? 🤣🤗😉🔥❤️✌🏼🤖❤️♾”

Which one is your favorite, Outsiders? We think the “Pre Show Power Nap” might have some legs to it.

Fans loved it with one user writing, “This is so cute!! Bahahah!! 😂 I’m a “gangsta napper” myself !”

Another wrote, “LOL the nap is required after a certain age 😂😂😂”.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Future on ‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods is off and running this season on CBS. Wahlberg’s future has become a topic of discussion as of late on the show. The reason was a storyline this season that made his future at least a bit cloudy, but ultimately resolved itself.

Wahlberg has been on the show for a long time now. Over a decade. It is fair to wonder how much longer he has on the program. Especially with his other commitments to his band and everything else. He told Pop Culture, “I try to just stay in the moment of each episode and that really helps me, I think, do my best work.” Staying present for each moment, he ensures that he is in that scene and only thinks about that scene while on the set.

He continued, “I treat each episode as a little movie that I’m doing and each scene is a little movie within the movie and that’s how I approach it. I try not to get information about what’s going to happen seven to 10 episodes in advance.”

How cool is this? These little breaks keep him engaged. Not wanting to have to think about the future makes sense as well.

Folks thinking he might not be long for Blue Bloods might want to reconsider that notion as he told Pop Culture, “I just know that we’re having more fun than we’ve ever had on the show.” That certainly does not sound like a guy looking for an exit on a show that continues to thrive on Friday evenings on CBS.