‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg ‘Can’t Wait for the Next Season’ of ‘Yellowstone’

by Shelby Scott

Season four of “Yellowstone” just concluded and for many fans, it’s a long wait until season five debuts in May. That said, like many of the series fans, “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg is equally excited for “Yellowstone’s” upcoming season, sharing as much on his Twitter account. Check out his post below.

The series finale definitely had a lot of fans, not just dear ol’ Donnie, in his feels, and, like I said, it’s a long wait until May. Nevertheless, the “Blue Bloods” star, as always, concluded his Tweet on a positive note.

“Can’t wait for the next season!” he posted. “Love this show.”

Further, the “Blue Bloods” star tagged Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White in his post. He preceded the tag with, “Hope we haven’t seen the last of Jimmy…aka [Jefferson White]!”

In the comments below, the “Yellowstone” star himself thanked Wahlberg with, “That means a lot to me Mr. Wahlberg, I’m a huge fan!”

Lord, we love to see our favorite television stars nerding out over each other. It definitely brings a feeling of positivity to a world frequently filled with competition.

Afterward, another fan shared, “I guess I’m going to have to watch [‘Yellowstone’] since you are such a fan of it,” in response to the “Blue Bloods” star’s post. They continued with, “I’m just waiting anxiously for this week’s episode of Blue Bloods to watch my favorite detective Danny Reagan!”

‘Blue Bloods’ Prepares for 2022 Return with Perfect Tom Selleck Pic

Back over on “Blue Bloods,” one of our favorite CBS criminal dramas has remained on hiatus since before the holiday season. However, as we’ve survived the 2021 holidays, despite several hard-to-swallow pills already making headlines in 2022, the hit series is more than ready for its Friday night return.

Ahead of the New Year, “Blue Bloods” shared a casual image of Tom Selleck at the Reagan family dinner table raising his hand and the barest hint of a smile above his iconic mustache.

“Raise your hand if you’re just as excited for the New Year as us,” the post read over on Twitter.

And just like our beloved Frank Reagan actor, numerous “Blue Bloods” fans smashed the “like” button on the post, with others sharing their excitement in the comments below.

“I definitely am!” wrote one series fan. Another fan had a cozy idea as they wrote, “Christmas treat…Starting from Season 1 again.”

While “Blue Bloods” prepares to head into the second half of its 12th season, we’re sure starting from the get-go will be the most rewarding treat.