‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Once Broke Character Thanks to His Dog

by Chase Thomas

Who doesn’t love their pup? We’ve all been there where we need to focus on the task at hand, but our dog has a different plan in store for us, right, Outsiders? Well, Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg is no different as he broke character recently due to his lovable pup.

The moment came in season 5 in the form of a blooper real. Yes, Wahlberg’s lovable pup Lumpy appeared at the former’s feet and the star of Blue Bloods could not help but acknowledge his dog thereby breaking character.

The camera during the real pans down to his dog so fans get to see who exactly Wahlberg is talking about because there is certainly not a Lumpy on the program. But, hey, it happens. The dog did not understand that his dad was not Donnie Wahlberg at that moment, he was in character as the star of Blue Bloods.

Vanessa Ray on ‘Blue Bloods’

One of the more interesting characters outside of Donnie Wahlberg’s is Vanessa Ray’s character of Eddie. What makes her character so interesting in the Reagan family is that she is an outsider. Her character does not neatly fit into their world. Again, which is part of what makes her so interesting on Blue Bloods.

She told Nerds of Color, “When I started on the show in season 4, I almost exclusively worked with Will. He’s an incredible scene partner and dear friend. As Jamie and Eddie’s relationship evolved and when they finally decided to get together/married, my job had also evolved. I was working with people I’d only ever high-fived in the studio hallway. It felt like a totally new show. New faces every day. I got a new partner in the incredible Lauren Patton. It’s been quite an arc looking back. Eddie’s voice is bolder now at the dinner table and on the job. I like that.”

Things were different when she started out. Both who she was on-screen and off changed. Her role, as did roles for so many women on Blue Bloods which Ray loves. She said, “I love that our show shows real issues of what it’s like to be a woman walking down the street every day. Violence doesn’t care if you’re a mother, a “tough girl,” or, as we’ve seen a lot this season, a cop. Our writers and directors don’t shy away from how that plays out both physically and mentally. This season, Abigail Hawk had a beautiful and vulnerable episode showcasing that.”

Characters evolve over time and her character certainly has on Blue Bloods.