‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Says He’s ‘Serving Up Some Margaritas’ in Friday’s New Episode

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

On Wednesday (January 12th), Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg takes to his Twitter account to give fans a sneak peek at the upcoming episode.

“I’m gonna be serving up some margaritas on Friday night,” the Blue Bloods star declares. He also revealed that music icon Jimmy Buffett will be making an appearance in the new episode. 

According to IMDb, in the new Blue Bloods episode, titled On the Arm, Wahlberg’s character Danny is pursuing a con artist who is pretending to be the legendary singer Jimmy Buffett. Meanwhile, Frank (played by Tom Selleck) investigates an impressive police captain. She is using her badge to get free wares from local stores.

Wahlberg previously announced that Buffet would be making an appearance on the hit series. “Next week is gonna be epic! Blue Bloods all new again! Jimmy Buffett & yours truly are gonna have some fun!” the actor declared in a tweet last week. 

Tom Selleck Shares What ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Can Expect In the Show’s Twelfth Season 

During a September 2021 interview with Parade, actor Tom Selleck revealed what fans can expect with the twelfth season of Blue Bloods. While chatting about whether or not Frank will start dating, Selleck stated, “Frank’s a little senior. He’s also still wearing his wedding ring. We’ve never gone into it. Maybe it’s too self-centered a story about why of all that.”

Selleck further reflected on the question by noting that his Blue Bloods character is pretty much wrapped himself in his work. “The hardest thing about it is, especially with someone who is obviously as vulnerable as frank and probably scared of relationships, you can’t just bring somebody on the show and do an episode about it. It takes a lot of planning.”

When asked if Black Lives Matter and defund the police movements have an impact on Blue Bloods, Selleck said he believes they have a big effect. “But I also think we try very hard not to take on one ideology or another. What we decided, I think wisely, last season was we’re doing a fictional New York-based on a certain reality. Our mayor is not Mayor de Blasio. In fact, he was originally pretty a law-and-order guy.”

Selleck goes on to reveal that the first couple of episodes of Blue Bloods’ twelfth season do deal with real issues, but in a way that’s fictionalized. “[The episodes] allow us to show multiple points of view of very real problems for the police. And frankly, the city of New York. There’s a climactic effect to law enforcement. No one would argue that no matter what side they’re on.”

In regards to the castmates’ future plans on the show, Selleck added, “I want to stay with Blue Bloods. There’s a lot of careers involved, so everybody seems to want to stay with Blue Bloods and I’m just thrilled, put it that way. Everybody’s coming back.”