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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Teases Major ‘Magnum P.I.’ Reunion for Tom Selleck in New Photo

by Joe Rutland
donnie wahlberg tom selleck photo
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Before Tom Selleck took on the role of Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods, most people remember him playing Thomas Magnum. He was the swashbuckling private detective who roamed Honolulu’s streets as Magnum P.I. Well, it appears there is a reunion of sorts happening right now. Larry Manetti, who played Rick on Magnum P.I., shows up as a guest star for an episode. Donnie Wahlberg managed to get himself, Manetti, Selleck, and some of his Blue Bloods co-stars together for a picture.

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Sadly, other Magnum P.I. co-stars Roger E. Mosley and John Hillerman have died or they probably would have been included. Fans of Selleck’s old show can rejoice as GetTV shows episodes every single day. Other fans had some things to say about seeing Selleck and Manetti together after such a long time.

Fans React To Seeing ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck With ‘Magnum P.I.’ Co-Star Larry Manetti

“This makes my heart so happy to see!!” one fan wrote. “Magnum PI will always be one of the best TV shows of all time! Always loved the two Dobermans that Higgins had. May they all RIP.” Another fan said, “Wow that’s super cool!”

Meanwhile, last fall, Blue Bloods was nearing 300 episodes on CBS. At the time, Selleck opened up about the milestone. “We did eight [seasons] on Magnum [P.I.], and I thought I’d never get that lucky again, and now we’ve done 13 and going strong,” Tom Selleck told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s hard to say you’re gonna go 13 seasons, and we’re approaching 300 episodes, but I’ve always thought the show had enormous potential because there’s police work, but it was a character-driven show.” Selleck adds that his experience on Magnum P.I. was the same. It was a character-driven show that could grow and change when people would get older.

Selleck Offered Point-Blank Answer About Returning To ‘Blue Bloods’

Selleck was asked in an interview with TV Insider if he’d be willing to come back to the show after Season 13. His answer was to the point: “I’ve got a mortgage. I’m game!” That’s good news for the show’s fans. They also will remember the Season 13 opener where Frank took time out to visit rank-and-file New York police officers on duty at night.

“It gives him insight into the loss of morale in the NYPD, and he’ll deal directly with that serious issue,” Tom Selleck said. “Frank has had to walk a tightrope in this woke environment. Now he’s realizing he’s not going to be as diplomatic, and I like that for him. He’s due for a confrontation with Mayor Chase [Dylan Walsh] — ’cause he seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, in Frank’s opinion.”