‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Throws It Back to ‘Best Day Ever’ in New Post

by Courtney Blackann

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg recently posted a few photos on Twitter that have fans absolutely loving it. The former New Kids On the Block singer also flashed it back to a goofy photoshoot in a hilarious post with his fellow singers from the band.

The post shows Wahlberg looking like an extreme “Blockhead” as he poses with the group, holding up a private pass. He’s definitely got “the right stuff” as he smiles with Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood.

“#FlashbackFriday to when I got my own @nkotb Ultimate M&G experience! Best day ever!!! Too bad Donnie wasn’t there (heard he’s the nicest) but the other guys def did not disappoint! Love them!#KnightGirl#BlockBros#Blokchead#BHLove,” Wahlberg captioned the photos on Twitter.

Smiling and laughing, the Blue Bloods actor makes it extra cheesy for the camera. Fans had nothing but good things to say. Many responded with humorous posts, sharing their love for the singer-turned-actor.

“You’re such a goofball! This is one of my favorite photos ever of my ultimate. Donnie was there and he’s pretty awesome! Best. Day. Ever. Miss all if you!” one user tweeted.

Another person also got in on the joke as well.

“Omg. Super jelly! How lucky are you?! I bet you still FELT Donnie’s love even though he wasn’t there….he’s good like that,” the tweeter said.

“Blue Bloods” Star Shares the Love

While Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg enjoys goofing around, he’s also shown he has a really big heart and loves every one of his fans. In a recent post, he shared an important message of love.

“Those times when we are able to tell some one — I LOVE YOU — just because we do, with zero expectation of anything in return, are the times that we are truly loving ourselves,” the actor said.

Additionally, in response to the post fans flooded the star’s Twitter account with messages of love – even sharing times the actor stopped to say hello and how much that meant as a fan.

“Most definitely true. I unfortunately miss being able to tell my late Husband I LOVE YOU in person but even though it’s been 13 years I’m not afraid to say it aloud at night before I retire. I say them to my family and extended family every chance I can. I Love Ya’ll,” one user shared in response.

Further, his message was also accompanied by a photo of him sitting on a couch shaped like lips. It was also in front of a wall of lips – obviously exuding love and kindness.

Additionally, the Blue Bloods star is also known for leaving large tips for servers as well as interacting with his fans, showing he practices what he preaches.