‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Welcomes Back One of His Favorite Guest Stars

by Megan Molseed

When Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg is excited about a special guest on the hit CBS series, he has no problem going into full fan mode.

In fact, Wahlberg was so excited to welcome one guest star to the Blue Bloods set recently, that he took to his Instagram to share his excitement.

“Glad to be reunited with this guy @lyle_lovett on @bluebloods_cbs,” the Blue Bloods star wrote in a Saturday evening Instagram post.

The Saturday night Insta post includes a photo of Wahlberg, who portrays Danny Reagan on the hit series smiling with the iconic country crooner, Lyle Lovett.

Stars Dress To The Nines In Recent ‘Blue Bloods’ Scene

In the photo, Lyle Lovett is seen dressed in a costume that is perfectly fitting for the character he previously portrayed on Blue Bloods.

Fans of the series were first introduced to Lovett in the series’s tenth season. In this episode, Lovett portrayed Texas Ranger Waylon Gates.

The sixty-four-year-old country singer and songwriter is clad in a mostly black outfit while he smiles next to Wahlberg. He adds a large overcoat which he has put on over a black jacket. Lovett adds a button-down shirt with a classic bolo tie to the look.

Of course, the actor and singer tops off his perfect Texas ranger look with a light-colored cowboy hat.

Donnie Wahlberg stands next to Lovett in the photo, beaming from ear to ear. You can tell that Wahlberg is in a full-on fan mode, too. This becomes clear in the way the actor chose to add the pic to Instagram.

The photo includes some moving graphics that read “DID I MENTION I LOVE THIS GUY?” while the two smile as they look off to the side of the camera.

Fifty-two-year-old Wahlberg dons his classic large black overcoat in the Saturday night photo. The star pairs this with a lavender dress shirt, a classic tie, and a pair of dark navy blue trousers.

Wahlberg Can’t Help But Send A Nod To a Lovett Classic

The Blue Bloods star also made sure that he added some extra love for Lyle Lovett in the weekend Insta post. Wahlberg references some lyrics from one of the country singer’s most popular songs, 1987’s If I Had a Boat.

“When I actually do “have a boat” again, it’s gonna “go out on the ocean,”” Wahlberg quipped in his Insta post. “with all of us and he’s invited.”

Lyle Lovett was first introduced as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates in a tenth season episode of Blue Bloods. In the episode, which is titled Fog of War, members of the Blue Bloods cast join Lovett’s ranger Gates as they set out to catch a serial killer who came to New York City from the Lonestar state.