‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Let Her Lines Get Better of Her in Hilarious Slip Up

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Of course, when most viewers think of Blue Bloods, their mind often goes to the Reagan family. After all, since the series began in 2010, it has centered around the members of this law enforcement family.

However, as the series progresses viewers have learned that while the members of their immediate family are important, the Reagan’s are often welcoming others into the fold. Primarily when it comes to the Reagan family’s law enforcement partners.

One of these characters, of course, is Marisa Ramirez’s, Detective Maria Baez. Baez has been policing the streets of New York with her partner, Donnie Wahlberg’s Detective Danny Reagan for several seasons.

Ramirez has been portraying the dedicated New York City officer since the third season of Blue Bloods. She was promoted to one of the show’s main characters in season four.

Marisa Ramirez has certainly mastered her skill of playing a studiously professional – and tough – detective on screen.

She’s always willing to go the extra mile while on the job. But, one Looper article notes, the actress is also perfectly capable of letting her hair down while on the set.

Of course, the best place to see a Blue Bloods player in such a moment is in one of the many blooper reels the show has released over the years.

‘Blue Bloods’ Partners Certainly Have Fun On Set!

Since she portrays the partner to Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan, Maria Ramirez spends the bulk of her time filming Blue Bloods with the New Kids On The Block rocker.

So, many of Ramirez’s bloopers have something to do with Wahlberg, and the two seem to enjoy playing off each other without skipping a beat.

But, it seems, it’s usually Wahlberg who’s messing up his part during some of the hilarious blooper scenes. So, when Ramirez has a moment, it’s one we can’t forget!

One perfect example of the Blue Bloods star’s hilarious behind-the-scenes moment comes in the form of a sixth season blooper. In the scene, Ramirez and Wahlberg are doing one of their well-known “New York Officer” struts down a hallway. As they walk, Ramirez, like Baez, discusses a recent carjacking with Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan. Well, she tries to discuss the carjacking.

As they walk and talk, Baez seems unable to get the words out just right.

“The car got jacked in a spot … stop … blegh!” the actress says in the hilarious blooper moment.

Also included in the Blue Bloods behind the scenes blooper clips are scenes featuring Ramirez doing some hilarious dances in between takes; as well as cracking up as Donnie Wahlberg creates some mischievous antics on the set.