‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Says Baez Can ‘Smell Your BS From a Mile Away’ in Tonight’s New Episode

by John Jamison

It’s Blue Bloods Friday again, folks. And you know what that means. Your favorite detective duo of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan and Marisa Ramirez’s Maria Baez is back in action. And it looks like Baez is sniffing out the truth this week. Marisa Ramirez shared a frame from the upcoming episode on Instagram.

Baez is clearly having none of whatever’s being said to her. She’s “smelling your BS from a mile away.”

Blue Bloods is coming off of a one-week hiatus, and fans can hardly wait to see the fallout of Witten leaving the force. Add to that Frank Reagan’s seemingly constant dilemmas, and we can hardly wait for tonight. In fact, Eddie doesn’t have much time to dwell on her partner leaving the force considering the fact that her ex-convict dad is apparently moving in with her. Yes, that means he’s also moving in with her husband, Jamie Reagan.

Episode 5 of Blue Bloods Season 12, titled “Good Intentions,” will reportedly find Eddie and Jamie running into some marital struggles as a result of the new roommate. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez do a favor for a man with a missing sister.

Could Tom Selleck Actually Be A Police Commissioner Beyond ‘Blue Bloods’?

When you look at Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods, it’s not very difficult to convince yourself of him being the Commissioner of the NYPD. His believability is a testament to the acting talent that has earned him a legendary television career. But it also might have to do with the fact that Tom Selleck is pretty much the same person as Frank Reagan.

Okay, take the lifetime of police work out of the equation, and they’re nearly the same, according to Jamie Reagan actor Will Estes, at least. But does an entire career that often saw Selleck pretending to do police work count? Not quite. Perhaps the professionalism he brings to the table is a good enough substitute.

Blue Bloods star Will Estes talked to Looper about similar Tom Selleck is to the character he portrays on the hit CBS police drama.

“It’s awesome. You know, it’s funny, Tom isn’t that different than the commissioner. He is really so professional. He’s so studied. He knows his character inside and out, and he does a lot in small ways to architect the scenes that he’s in. You come on set, and you know you’re working with somebody who’s very well studied and very professional and executes time and time again, every scene. So you need to be on your toes when you work with him, which makes it a lot of fun,” said Estes.