‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Gives Fans Look at Her Halloween Costume

by John Jamison

For an entire decade, from 2010 to 2020, Sami Gayle played Nicky Reagan-Boyle on Blue Bloods. Fans have missed her since she and her character on the show stepped away for college. But she hasn’t failed to keep them updated via social media.

With Halloween only days away, the Blue Bloods alum took to Instagram to show off her costume. The photo has been generating a lot of buzz.

Get it? Okay, we’ll spare you the puns. But we can’t help but admire Sami Gayle’s costume choice here. In a time when it seems many are determined to pull off complex and conceptual costumes, the Blue Bloods star opted for something classic—feeling inspired yet?

Samy Gayle’s fans were certainly feeling a type of way after seeing her bee costume. They didn’t hesitate to chime in with their thoughts.

“You make an adorable bumble bee, but are you the queen?” one Instagram user asked.

“BEEutiful! Hope your Halloween has all the spooky treats you could want!” another added.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Alum Uses Social Media to Interact with Her Fans

Sami Gayle’s bee post is only one of a consistent stream that she has been sharing on Instagram recently. She does not appear on Blue Bloods regularly anymore, so she uses social media to keep her fans updated on what she has going on.

“I use social media to thank my fans for supporting me and to support them in any way that I can. I host events like LIVE cooking classes to give back to the online community, which has given me so much,” she told Glitter in 2020.

How Did Sami Gayle Spend Her Time During Lockdown?

It’s crazy to think that we’re coming up on two years since the beginning of the pandemic. When it first started, Sami Gayle was still working on Blue Bloods. Since then, however, her focus has been on her studies at Columbia.

When she wasn’t busy with school, Gayle had some free time to kill since she no longer had an obligation to the CBS show.

“I’ve been baking a lot, working out a lot, working on music I hope to release in 2021, working on film projects, and I hope to shoot in 2021. Earlier this year, I was helping my brother run an 80 person strong virtual campaign internship program in conjunction with his run for Supervisor of Elections in Broward County. I’ve tried to find every silver lining possible during this time and to give back to our community in any way that I can,” Samy Gayle continued in her interview with Glitter.