‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Goes ‘No Makeup and No Filter’ in New Weekend Selfie

by Shelby Scott

It’s just about the weekend and that means stepping away from the stresses of work. For “Blue Bloods” star, Sami Gayle, that means sharing a selfie to social media sans-makeup and filter as she enjoys time off the set. The young star captions the post, “‘Sincerely, Sami’ means no makeup and no filter…Have a great weekend!”

“Blue Bloods” fans shared their love for both Gayle and her all-natural look in the comments below her photo. And, as I think we can all agree, several commenters shared thoughts similar to one follower who wrote, “You don’t need either of those anyway.”

The star’s post captures the importance of self-love, natural beauty, and authenticity as a whole. Fans further applauded the Gayle’s natural look. “Don’t need makeup…still lovely!!! Have a great weekend as well. 😊,” wrote @steveoisme. “Still perfect,” commented others followed simply with sentiments of, “Beautiful.”

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you Outsiders plan on donning your most natural or most perfected looks this weekend, we wish you the happiest of Fridays!

Sami Gayle Takes ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans on a Run

Some of our favorite “Blue Bloods” stars appear to enjoy bringing their fans along their exciting journeys with them and Sami Gayle is one of them. Recently, Gayle has been traveling across the country, exploring cities from coast to coast, from Seattle to New York City. She’s also traveled much farther north in attempts to pursue the Northern Lights.

Last week, the “Blue Bloods” star took her fans along with her on her run, sharing a simple selfie beside a nearby beach. In her post, she shares, “Love how my brother transitions us through different climates on our trips so as not to shock our bodies…”

We assume she’s being sarcastic, as she details the frigidity of Alaska, the chilly fall climates in NY and Seattle, and the much warmer climes of California. Overall, the “Blue Bloods” actress has experienced the cold and frost of Alaska and the warm, sunny climate of California all in the span of a few weeks.

Honestly, it sounds like the climate here in New England, when last week saw an extreme warm front boasting 80-degree weather and this week sees highs of the mid-40s overnight.

Regardless, “Blue Bloods” fans expressed their envy at Gayle‘s travels and her natural beauty, even on a morning run. “Love your posts❤️,” wrote one follower, while another humorously pointed out the actress’s incredibly tangled headphones in the picture. “Untangle your headphones😂😂😂,” commented one of Gayle’s many followers.

Overall, the post saw more than 2,000 likes, capping fans’ interest in the “Blue Bloods” star’s travels.

As far as Gayle’s next stop goes, it remains a mystery though we’re sure she’ll share her next destination with us soon enough.