‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Is Out of Place After Returning to Florida From ‘-10 Degree Weather’

by Amy Myers
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2018CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Recently, Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle took a trip up north where the weather was well into the negatives, and it seems that she’s glad to be back in the Sunshine State where she can ditch her heavy coats for a tank top and some sunscreen.

But of course, while she was traveling from subzero to subtropical environments, the Blue Bloods alum had to bundle up for the plane ride. Once she touched down in Florida, though, she looked a little out of place compared to everyone else. Gayle posed for a picture to show just how different her outfit was from everyone else on the boardwalk. While the Blue Bloods star wore a checkered trench coat and stockings, everyone around her had on T-shirts and ballcaps.

Gayle captioned the post, “When you arrive in Florida from -10 degree weather…”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star and Her Family Travel to Anguilla for the Holidays

Over the holidays, the Blue Bloods star and her family decided to spend time together on an island in the Caribbean. While spending hours on the beach and exploring the island, Gayle got to spend some much-needed quality time with her parents. At one point, she and her father posed for a photo in front of a breath-taking sunset.

“Dad with the sun reflecting from his heart… appropriate,” the Blue Bloods star said.

You know it’s a great vacation when you don’t want to leave so soon. And for the Blue Bloods star and her family, this is exactly how they felt about their trip to Anguilla. When the family returned home to the states, Gayle posted another photo of herself by the shoreline with her head turned towards the waves.

“On our trip, someone told us that visitors to Anguilla usually come back…” Gayle wrote. “We most certainly will. Anguilla, you captured my [heart emoji]. Til next time…”

Anguilla Tourism reposted Sami’s photo of herself in the sand, flattered by her response to the island’s accommodations. They even added their own message of appreciation to her and her family for picking Anguilla as their destination or such a memorable trip.

“We won @SamiGayle’s heart, and she most certainly won ours! To kick off the new year, Blue Blood star Sami Gayle and her family came down to experience our little slice of paradise, and according to her Instagram captions, she’ll be back—and we’re more than happy to have her. We hope your time on the island was as extraordinary as you are, Sami! We look forward to seeing you again!” the organization wrote.