‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Poses With Adorable Pet in Early Morning Photo

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle showed off her sweet little pup, Licorice B., in a new Instagram post early this morning.

Gayle actually posted this same photo a while back in July. But her love for little Licorice B. is just too big to not post her twice. In the pic, Gayle absolutely rocks a blue-print dress with some cozy-looking slippers. In her hands, she holds the tiny pup, who’s looking up at the “Blue Bloods” star to lick her face. Gayle even references the adorable lick in her caption.

“That tongue = why did you wake me at 6 am? 😂 Have a great day, everyone! Sincerely, Sami,” Gayle wrote in her caption.

Gayle likely woke up at 6 a.m to work on “Blue Bloods” with the rest of the cast. Or maybe she’s just an early riser. Either way, we always appreciate a good Licorice B. post to cleanse our timeline.

‘Blue Bloods’ star Sami Gayle Celebrates Her Brother’s Birthday With Heartfelt Message

Earlier this week, “Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle posted a tribute to another special someone in her life. Gayle’s brother, Chad, celebrated his birthday yesterday, and the actress celebrated him with a really touching Instagram post.

In the post, we see a picture of Chad from behind, with the Northern Lights in front of him shining in the sky. Apparently, the “Blue Bloods” star and her brother took a quick trip up north to check them out.

“Happiest birthday to my best friend and brother, @chadklitzman!” Gayle begins in her caption. “A couple of weeks ago, you took me to see one of the most spectacular sights of my life.”

She continued, “Looking back, my most vivid memory is not the lights but what you did when we finally saw them. You were less concerned to see the view than to make sure you got a picture of your sister in front of it. I told you I could care less, but you were laser-focused on making sure you captured my experience of the otherworldly moment you created for me.”

Chad’s selfless nature is no secret to Gayle, or to the rest of the people in Chad’s life. Gayle goes on to detail what kind of person he is.

“I think this sums up your selfless generosity,” she said. “You think of others first, whether that be your family, friends, or members of our communities. The world is so much better because you are in it.”

The “Blue Bloods” star concluded the post by saying, “It is the privilege of my life to grow up in the shadow of your kindness. I’m grateful today, and every day, that you were born. Love you to Aurora and back.”